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Trends for 2020

Trends for 2020

Lisa Feierstein, TrendWatching’s Senior Strategist in New York City, will scope three opportunity-rich, yet-to-be-published trends for 2020 (and beyond): METAMORPHIC DESIGN, FACTUAL HEALING, and CIVIL MEDIA. She’ll be breaking down what’s driving each trend-forward and provide inspiration on how your brand can leverage it.

But staying abreast of breaking news and early warning signals for all these trends involves navigating a huge volume of data and research. Tim Burge from Market Logic will explain how AI-powered platforms make this possible. You’ll see why Forrester (Q4 2019) named Market Logic a leader for its knowledge graph and AI capabilities which help innovators, marketers and researchers to leverage insights at the maximum possible speed.

All registrations will get a recording of the presentation, so please register even if you can’t make it.


  • Lisa Feierstein, Senior Trend Strategist, TrendWatching
  • Tim Burge, Solution Architect, Market Logic