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Deliver critical data and harness the essential tools you need to generate unparalleled value for your business via our broad and trusted network of partners.

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Our AI-powered insights management platform simplifies the flow of insights throughout your organization, enabling insights teams to rapidly provide business decision-makers with reliable, scalable insights.

Together with our trusted partners, we bring extensive industry knowledge, seamless system integrations, and specialized solution expertise to our customers.

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Technology Partners

Our technology partners are at the forefront of transforming knowledge into actionable inspiration by developing product integrations and crafting solution use cases. They help to inject insights into daily workflows, connecting them to business processes and systems for a smarter, more integrated work environment.

Solution Partners

Our solution partners provide complementary solutions and services. They excel in tailoring their expertise to leverage our offerings to address specific use cases in marketing, product management, and knowledge management. Through these partnerships we offer comprehensive and cohesive solutions that streamline client success and drive transformative outcomes.

Data Partners

Our data partners expand the horizon of data and knowledge, enriching market and consumer understanding to achieve a comprehensive 360-degree perspective. They provide limitless access to a rich pool of market and consumer knowledge, helping to uncover fresh insights and connect the dots across complex landscapes.

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Google Marketplace streamlines the process for your teams to discover and acquire Market Logic’s best-in-class insights platform. Speed up complex procurement steps and seamlessly access our secure services with ease!

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“The partnership with Market Logic excites us tremendously. It’s a potent combination of Nextatlas’ trend-spotting acumen with Market Logic’s comprehensive insights management.”

Luca Morena