Market Logic for marketing professionals

Market Logic is customer centricity in action: we provide processes to capture consumer knowledge, convert it into insights and deliver them to product and marketing teams. The result is a winning marketing department understanding consumers’ needs.

The core of insights management?

Understanding consumers’ needs

Successful marketing organizations have one thing in common: they orientate their actions with a strong focus on markets, consumers, and their needs. To develop customer centricity, three core problems must be solved:

  • Knowledge capture: relevant data, information & knowledge must be captured, organized, and made accessible for research, insights & analytics units.
  • Insights development: data and Information must be turned into actionable consumer and market knowledge, known as insights.
  • Business engagement: marketing & product units must be strongly interconnected with Research, Insights & Analytics teams to profit and effectively use the generated knowledge.

Use AI to extract insights easily

  • The first AI assistant for trusted market insights
  • Extract insights from your knowledge base in an instant
  • Create insights reports on-demand
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The Market Logic difference

Market Logic offers the most advanced insights management process on the market. Due to the systematic development of data, information & knowledge, business units get the information they need to develop branding and communication that resonates with the audiences.

Market Logic’s impact on marketing teams

Customer centricity

Products & Services that capture growth opportunities

Efficiency boost

Higher efficiency for finding, developing, and sharing information

Growth enablement

Positioning Marketing as a growth enabler for top management

Faster onboarding

Faster onboarding and knowledge transfer

Self service portal

More time to focus on work through the provision of a self-service portal

Single source of truth

One single source of truth for all consumer and market insights

With Market Logic, the collaboration between departments has improved significantly.

I find the essence of a study in no time. Thanks to our insights platform.

Now our Business teams have all the facts in front of them before when they need to make a decision.