Innovation Report

How AI will transform use of research, data & insights

A comprehensive survey of business leaders and insights professionals revealing how enterprises plan to embrace AI for research and insights. 


of business stakeholders — including marketers, senior strategists, product managers — say that AI will increase demand for research and insights


of business leaders believe AI will help integrate insights into other businesses and processes


insights teams predict that AI will improve overall productivity

How will AI change the support you need from your research & insights department?
From AI’s impact to adoption trends, learn all you need to know about AI for insights in this innovation report.

“AI will broaden our ability to interpret, probe, analyze, present and archive our knowledge… I can’t imagine a part of research that won’t be affected.”

Insights Team, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

“Al can help automate a lot of market research and consumer insights tasks at our organization and help develop tools to fast-track the overall process.”

Marketing Stakeholder, Consumer Packaged Goods.

AI will increase market research demand by processing the information quickly and efficiently – it will be able to make better predictions and examine the data in a multitude of ways we can’t do at the moment

Strategy Stakeholder, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals.

Innovation Report

Our survey, carried out by independent analyst, Insight Platforms, uncovers how AI will transform the way enterprises create and consume insights.

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