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Why Market Logic for insights and intelligence?

Market Logic’s cutting-edge AI innovation is shaping the next generation of insights-driven businesses. We help you outpace the competition and drive business growth by unleashing  to the power of market intelligence and consumer insights into the heart of your business operations.

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Trusted by the world’s leading brands

The world’s most innovative enterprises trust Market Logic Software to take their market insights to the next level. Our award-winning AI-enabled insights software provides end-to-end support for streamlining every step of the knowledge and insights management process. Firms maximize the impact of their market intelligence, so they can make winning insights-driven decisions at scale.

Market Logic’s insights platform helps you increase the business impact of your insights investment. We simplify storytelling so your experts can contextualise market research in easy to digest formats. Set automated personalized alerts for your stakeholders, so they stay up to date with relevant consumer insights and act on them fast to make smarter decisions daily.

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Simplified insights-sharing at scale

We give you one central point of control for every step of your insights management process. A single platform streamlines the flow of information from research procurement and knowledge management to insights sharing across the bussines.
We’ve seen our clients shave 20% off research costs by avoiding research duplication, and win back 10,000 hours a year by removing manual admin and search tasks.
Automation and embedded-AI deliver efficiencies at every step, so you have more time to focus on extracting new high-value insights.

A one-stop-shop for insights management

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Our business is built on a culture of innovation. Just like you, we’re driven to look beyond the horizon. We bring you the most advanced capabilities so you can be the first to benefit from using cutting-edge technology.
We’re proud to pioneer new ways to increase insights ROI.

Market-leading innovation

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Our knowledge of the insights industry is second to none. We’ve been working closely with the world’s leading consumer brands for more than 15 years. Our services team of insights management and data science experts use best practice experience to guide your team smoothly to achieving high-impact results.

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Insight Management Experts

Unlock the power of insights with Market Logic

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What our clients say

“We’re distributing targeted research to our stakeholders – insights they feel are relevant and can save them time. Having one single source of truth helps pull the puzzle pieces together.”

— VP and Head of Insights & Analytics at Prudential

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“The platform removes the need for manually hunting for answers to business questions and instead brings together all of the internal knowledge in one place. Insight Out is an impressive and innovative research tool. Congratulations Tesco and Market Logic!”

— Market Research Society Judges on award for Insight Out, Tesco’s insights platform

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“VIC has become the primary distribution channel for all of our regular reporting that previously was a PDF flying around on six distribution lists to people in various forms. It’s been a really good way for us to maintain engagement on the core insights we deliver, and specifically insights through the pandemic, right across the business.”

— Mike Taylor, Head of Insights, Vodafone 

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