Why Market Logic?

Market Logic plays a central role in your enterprise’s insights & analytics team. By making market and consumer research more effective and efficient, we help our clients to boost customer centricity while keeping costs in check.

We are the market leader

The world’s most innovative enterprises trust Market Logic to take their market insights to the next level. By covering the whole insights management process, our customers maximize the potential
of their consumer and market research.

“I am proud of us serving some of the most customer-centric and innovative companies in the world and maintain trust-based partnerships with them. We are the pioneer and thought leader in the field of insights management.”

– SteFan Ropers, Chief executive officer

We know both your challenges and their solutions

Professional insights management requires experience. It is about understanding the challenges insights & analytics teams are facing while keeping in mind the needs that business units and large enterprises have.

“Our success is based on close collaboration with industry leaders around the globe, constantly improving our product based on these interactions. We provide the most comprehensive capabilities in the market, enabling true end-to-end insights management.”

– OLAF LENZMANN, Chief Innovation & Product Officer

We are well built

Market Logic stands on a modern architecture and is easily connected into the enterprise’s software landscape and scales as you grow. We ensure your data is safe & secure through single sign on, secure data end-to-end encryption and storage on ISO and SOC certified data centers. Market Logic has a powerful user permission management to make sure that confidential sources are kept secure. Your data is treated confidentially, and you always retain full data ownership.

“Market Logic is quality software that is secure, reliable and integrates into your enterprise architecture.”

– Wolfgang hilpert, Chief Technology officer

We help your teams perform their best

Market Logic has wide-ranging impacts on your organization, especially on the people. Insights & Analytics teams gain from perfectly structured working environments, while business people are empowered by access to new, cutting-edge information.

“Proper insights management drives decisions about organizational alignment and agility. Insights are a force multiplier for shaping impact on employees throughout their journey at your organization.”

– Marija Pizurica, Chief people officer

We save you time and money

Enterprise software needs to create value and perceived return on investment. Market Logic does exactly that. It is designed to boost effectiveness and efficiency to find and connect relevant information and to foster better and faster decision making. It also facilitates commercial vendor management. 

“When I am evaluating the ROI of a solution, I look at the value and contribution it provides to achieving intended outcomes for my businesses. Market Logic helps to reduce efforts and spend on research as it enables teams and decision makers to find and connect relevant information much faster and to derive meaningful insights more systematically. It boosts productivity and internal “share of voice.”

– Dirk Wolf, Chief Financial officer

Explore our platform:

Capture data & knowledge

Integrate all relevant company, paid and public data into a one-stop repository

Develop insights

Create contextual & actionable insights from existing and newly researched knowledge

Connect business

Engage with business users to overcome the insights-to-action disconnect

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