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  • The first AI assistant for trusted market insights
  • Extract insights from your knowledge base in an instant
  • Create insights reports on-demand

DeepSights™ innovation comes from Market Logic, the global insights engagement leader, trusted by the world's leading brands.

Drowning in a sea of data? Extract insights easily with AI

Make smarter, insights-driven decision-making part of your daily routine.

Get ROI from 100% of your insights investment

DeepSights™ draws accurate answers from 100% of your company’s trusted insights knowledge base of internal and external sources.

Save hours each day while responding faster

DeepSights™ provides instant answers and summaries so you can focus on higher value interpretation and commentary.

Ask questions

Get answers in seconds direct from business apps

Ask DeepSights™ questions directly from business tools like Microsoft Teams and Google Chat as part of your daily routine, 24/7.

Generate reports

Surface and summarise key insights in minutes

Generate a concise insights report addressing any specific query with one click. Uncover hidden gems of data you weren’t aware of.

Share knowledge

Deliver comprehensive market insights at short notice

Download and share new insights reports on demand in Word or PowerPoint. Accelerate smarter, decision making across your team.

How it works

AI trained for Insights

DeepSights™ uses six layers of analysis to automatically understand insights content and extract only information that is relevant to your questions.

Trustworthy answers

DeepSights™ provides fully synthesized answers and reports clearly citing the knowledge sources your company trusts.

Connects all knowledge sources

DeepSights™ accesses existing knowledge bases, such as SharePoint, as well as respected data providers and trusted news feeds to give you comprehensive answers and detailed reports.

AI-assisted on-demand reports

DeepSights™ automatically augments questions to ensure it surfaces all relevant information before summarising key findings into one concise report.

Enterprise-grade security

Keep control of data governance with tools to ensure DeepSights™ operates within your security guidelines and using your IT and AI policies and frameworks.

Access from business apps

Ask questions direct from common business tools leveraging integrations to Teams, Google Chat and email. No user training required to get started.

Get started fast

DeepSights™ connects easily to your insights and intelligence knowledge.

Connect DeepSights™ to established knowledge bases

Ready to use connectors for Sharepoint and other systems give you rapid AI access to hidden, underused data.


Set up a knowledge base
in DeepSights™

Drag and drop documents straight into DeepSights™ to set up a consolidated store of knowledge.

Add real-time trusted news

Choose to integrate trustworthy news feeds relevant to your industries and markets.

Integrate trusted secondary sources

Pre-configured integrations allow DeepSights™ to draw information from your subscriptions with respected data providers in many industries.

Link users to DeepSights™

Connect users to your DeepSights™ online portal or simply set up DeepSights™ on collaboration tools such as Teams, Google Chat and email.

No user training required

Start asking DeepSights™ questions in natural language and begin releasing trusted insights into business workflows.

How DeepSights™ saves time.

“The biggest strength of DeepSights™ is the understanding of the relevancy of a report and the huge time saving benefit (~7.5 hours saved for 27 questions).”

Philips insights team

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