Market Logic for insights teams

Insights & analytics managers choose Market Logic because it is the only solution on the market empowering them to drive seamless and efficient end-to-end insights management. Market Logic covers the whole insights management lifecycle.

The core of insights management?

Reducing complexity and providing advice

Successful insights & analytics teams focus on one thing: they reduce complexity and communicate only essential consumer and market knowledge to business units. It’s the art of delivering the right advice to the right audiences at the right time. Clear insights communication is preceded by a lot of work. Three major challenges must be solved:

  • Knowledge capture: The outcome of insights & analytics managers strongly depends on the input they get. Relevant data, information & knowledge must be captured from many different sources and made available for the team.
  • Insights development: Vast amounts of data, information and knowledge must be evaluated and turned into clear and actionable advice. Market Logic offers the tools needed to structure, find, extract, and develop knowledge from multiple sources. Also: new research projects can be easily managed to systematically shed a light on industry topics and trends.
  • Business engagement: The best research will be useless if not injected into the business. This is why Market Logic offers engagement processes between insights & analytics managers and business units. For joint success close collaboration and involvement is key.

Use AI to extract insights easily

  • The first AI assistant for trusted market insights
  • Extract insights from your knowledge base in an instant
  • Create insights reports on-demand
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The Market Logic difference

Market Logic offers the most advanced insights management on the market. Due to the comprehensive end-to-end approach, switching between applications and quick fixes become a thing of the past. By providing state of the art tools, processes and automations insights & analytics managers can focus on what is important: finding the right information, developing them for their audiences and giving advice to stakeholders within the organization.

Market Logic’s impact on insights teams

End-to-end management

Seamless and efficient end-to-end insights management

Easy collaboration

Easier collaboration within insights & analytics departments and between units

Cost control

Optimized research spent & standardized processes

Single source of truth

Better informed business teams, making fact-based decisions faster

Self service portal

More time to focus on work through the provision of a self-service portal

Information need analysis

Visibility into the information needs of business users

We now develop all of our insights and knowledge in one solution. No more switching between the apps.

Personal dashboards empower us to position our work directly to the business departments. It is satisfying to see how the insights are then being used.”

Since we started using Market Logic we are able to answer more requests and have more time for new projects

With Market Logic, I have seamless access to the world’s best research vendors. I love that