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Market Logic’s award-winning Insights Engagement platform empowers insights and analytics teams to turn data and information into actionable consumer and market knowledge, known as insights. We help the world’s most innovative companies make better decisions and deliver unparalleled customer-centricity across industries.

10+years of industry leadership
100+global customers
50+cultures and backgrounds

Trusted by 100,000+ insights and business professionals around the world

Who we are

Our mission

We are committed to powering insights-driven businesses. Our category-leading products and services have helped countless enterprises organize their knowledge assets, develop them into cutting-edge insights, and drive engagement across business functions.

Our clients

We have a long history of collaboration and partnership with many of the world’s leading brands. Companies like Coca-Cola, Visa, Johnson & Johnson, and more trust us to help them gain a competitive edge with their insights.

Our values

Our purpose is to enable people to make better decisions.
Our ambition is to be a transformational leader in powering insights-driven businesses.
Our values are People, Trust, Empowerment, Impact and Excellence.

Working at Market Logic

We believe in bringing our values to life every day through our behaviors. We dare to think big and deliver premium quality while striking a balance between the needs of our customers and our people. At Market Logic we provide autonomy with accountability. Being able to rely on each other allows us to deliver on our mission.

If you have questions on who we are, what is important to us, and what we aim to achieve please drop me a note.”

— Dirk Wolf, Chief Executive Officer

Our history

Market Logic’s journey is over a decade long. We are built on a passion for insights, ambitious innovation, and collaborative partnerships with our customers

Beginning the journey

We were founded with the goal of improving Product Market Management. Through discussions with our FMCG partners, we learned of a key challenge without a solution: effective insights management.

Pioneering insights management

After years of research and development, our platform launch gave clients the world’s first integrated knowledge and research management solution, which remains an industry-standard today.

Crossing the atlantic

We establish our Chicago office to better serve clients in North America and extend Market Logic’s global reach.

Introducing AI

We pioneer the use of AI in insight management with specialist machine learning models for consumer goods, healthcare, and financial services.

Launching a new generation

We released our 2nd generation Insights Platform to take our client offerings to the next level. This new solution offers a vastly more scalable solution and sleeker UX, perfectly tailored for today’s agile organisations.

At a glance

250+ employees

from over 50 countries. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just buzzwords, they’re part of our day-to-day

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Dirk Wolf

Chief Executive Officer

Olaf Lenzmann

Chief Innovation & Product Officer

Marija Pizurica

Chief People Officer

Wolfgang Hilpert

Chief Technology Officer

Daniela Zuin

Chief Marketing and Growth Officer
Image of Dorothea Hagenauer-Stattmann - Customer-Value-Global - Market Logic Software

Dorothea Hagenauer-Stattmann

SVP Customer Value Global

Maarten Sambre

SVP Sales Global

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