Market Logic for retail

Market Logic serves some of the most innovative enterprises in retail sector. That is because we make the most out of our clients’ consumer and market research, and understand their challenges and industry requirements.

Adapting to changing consumer needs

The dramatic increase in online sales has disrupted brick and mortar stores around the world. With many enterprises building up online and omnichannel strategies, it has become clear: the change journey will continue. Customer expectations and shopper journeys have shifted in many other ways too.

Therefore, retailers need to reevaluate markets, consumers, shoppers, and their needs. When done right it causes enterprises to flourish – if ignored it will lead to disruption.

At Market Logic we know

The main barrier to meeting consumer needs is ineffective insights management. Therefore, we developed a solution that empowers insights & analytics teams to capture, develop and share actionable consumer and market knowledge with business units in the organization.


The result is an organization that has a strict focus: delivering to the needs of the markets.

Use AI to extract insights easily

  • The first AI assistant for trusted market insights
  • Extract insights from your knowledge base in an instant
  • Create insights reports on-demand
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All data is now democratized, accessible, and available to anybody in the company looking for information to make a decision.”

Director of Customer Strategy and Intelligence

Home Depot

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