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benefits from instant access to knowledge.

Bridging the insights gap — from ideas to action

Empower your business to seize insights and ignite change with Market Logic’s AI-driven knowledge management system

Unify insights data and knowledge

Seamlessly access all knowledge through a single AI-powered gateway.

Universal access to insights 24/7

Bring insights closer to your business stakeholders through intuitive AI interactions.

Supercharge your insights function

Skyrocket your insight team’s productivity by over 70% with AI’s helping hand.

Transform knowledge into inspiration

Inject insights into daily workflows. Connect directly to business processes and systems.

Meet DeepSights™ your specialized AI for insights solution

Enable your business to find and act on impactful knowledge at speed

AI you can trust to understand insights data and knowledge

DeepSights™ stands apart as AI uniquely trained to understand market and consumer insights data. Armed with tailored layers of AI analysis, it accurately discerns the essence and context of all your content.

AI for insights assistant

Enable teams to find impactful knowledge in seconds straight from business apps with the help of an intuitive AI assistant. Empower them to act at speed, knowing DeepSights™ delivers insights drawn exclusively from trusted sources.

Limitless access to market knowledge

Energize your business with limitless opportunities to connect the dots across content types and trusted sources. Uncover fresh insights, via our user-friendly knowledge-management system.

Break down common knowledge-sharing barriers

Find the content you are looking for

Find the needle in the haystack and remove the daily frustration of hunting for information endlessly.

Connect the dots in your data

Uncover hidden insight gems that are going unnoticed and unused today.

Remove the risk of market blind spots

Spot knowledge gaps sooner, and take early action to fill them with new research and data.

Keep stakeholders up-to-date with the latest insights

Align diverse teams by removing the complexity of sharing knowledge in real-time.

Revolutionize insights-led innovation in the AI era

  • Empower go-to-market teams with rapid insights for informed decisions
  • DeepSights™ supercharges modern AI business processes, paving the way for swift product launches and market-winning campaigns.

At the forefront of a new generation of AI-driven go-to-market technologies, DeepSights™ fully equips you to:


Uncover fresh insights in hours, not weeks. Use AI to find and interpret new data sources.

Generate summaries in

Remove time-consuming tasks. Generate summary insights reports in seconds, not hours.

Shrink time to market

Shape new concepts in days, not weeks by maximizing the combined power of insights and AI.


Capitalize on trusted organizational knowledge and launch market-winning campaigns in weeks, not months.

Start with an AI-powered knowledge management system


knowledge capture


content understanding


insights development


interactions with systems