Guiding Marketers with Insights Automation at Shell

As the world’s largest mobility retailer and one of the biggest oil and gas companies, Shell’s growth goals are equally monumental: double their retail business within ten years. In this webinar, James Johnstone (Head of Global Customer Insights at Shell) will share how their market insights platform, CI Heartbeat, empowers them to help their resource-challenged marketers reach their ambitious commercial targets by working smarter, not harder. CI Heartbeat is home to over 40,000 secondary sources as well as primary research documents and concept tests. They are enabling marketers to self-serve information themselves, instead of requesting it from the insights team. This means no waiting time, as questions go directly to the platform, and so far, it’s working: user engagement is impressive with up to 60% repeat visit rates. Marketers are also enticed back to the system with engaging knowledge zones – easy-to-browse, magazine-style webpages on strategic topics – carefully curated by James’ team. They can also build their own. In addition, marketers commission new research in local markets; James and his team provide guidance and support with an insights wizard. Instead of trying to stop marketers from conducting local research, the wizard guides them through the process, helping to select the best methodology and sending the completed, best practice research brief directly to the recommended supplier. Once they’re ready, the supplier imports all results back into the system – so everything stays in the same place.Register with ESOMAR