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WEBINAR: Transforming Market Research Workflows with AI

Join Market Logic and MMR Research to see a first-hand account of what generative-AI for insights looks like when deployed for research and insight’s function. This technology has huge potential, but how does it stand up to the data quality needs and regulatory requirements of today’s most innovative research teams?        
Market Logic’s solution DeepSights™ is the world’s first generative-AI solution for consumer insights and market research. In this session, Market Logic and client MMR will speak jointly on how this technology can successfully be applied to research use cases

Hear from Market Logic co-founder Olaf Lenzmann how Market Logic has taken steps to prioritize the trustworthiness and efficiency of generative AI solutions for insights and research. Then, listen how Market Logic’s client MMR has specifically deployed and assessed the impact of the DeepSights solution in their daily workflows.