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WEBINAR: Developing Insights with AI

Presenting Speakers:

In April, 2024, Market Logic and partners dove deep into how AI is being applied in the consumer insights space to drive innovation and informed decision making. This event includes a panel discussion with many of the foremost thought leaders in the AI-for-Insights industry.  

 Key Takeaways:

  • Using AI to confidently identify early adopters and consumer behaviors  
  • Case study: how one F&B enterprise has used generative AI to better leverage and automate research data sources  
  • Leveraging AI for a deeper understanding of survey data  
  • Panel Discussion: How generative-AI tools can re-imagine the flow of insights through an organization 

Partner Speakers:

  • Nextatlas: Artificial intelligence for predictive trend detection and monitoring  
  • House of Insights: Supporting companies in upgrading their level of insights discipline   
  • Inspirient: Automated Analytics Engine to help organizations gain a deeper understanding of survey data