November 4, 2019

TMRE 2019: Visa and Colgate-Palmolive

TMRE 2019: The Market Research Event will be held in Las Vegas from November 4-7. This year’s focus will be on “The Rise of the New Insights Leader.” Market Logic co-founder and CMO Elizabeth P. Morgan chaired the ‘Modern Technologies that WOW’ track on the keynote stage in the exhibition hall. The track heard great case studies from Gillette, Kimberly Clark and Visa, and to saw the latest technology for online communities, DIY research and AI-powered insights platforms. Jenny Michelman, project leader for Visa’s successful market insights platform “The Global Insights exchange”, shared the journey Visa embarked on to make insights easy and effective for the business to use. Attendees learnt how the project team applied the same empathic skills they use to understand and champion the customer’s voice, to understand stakeholder behaviours inside their own marketing teams. They then saw how this understanding was systematically applied to identify target change behaviours and measure ROI on their Market Logic platform to transform Visa, the high-tech way. Colgate-Palmolive re-engineered its end-to-end research authorization process to leverage insights for business agility but when resources are scarce, the quest for new insights is more important than ever, so how do you ensure every product, pack and copy test forges new territory?  In this session, Frank Santiago showed how Colgate has been planning, prioritizing and budgeting research decisions across regions to end duplicative research. Valerie Molina showed the research strategies they used to promote insights to their global commercial workforce.