May 6, 2019

SCIP Conference Orlando 2019: Impactful strategic & competitive intelligence as key driver of growth

Market Logic attended the 34th Annual SCIP International Conference & Exhibition in Orlando. The theme of this year’s event is Impactful Strategic and Competitive Intelligence as Key Driver of Growth and we were on-site at booth #13 sharing videos and live software demos of our AI-powered intelligence portal. Specifically, we shared how intelligence teams with limited resources can equip their workforce of hundreds, or even thousands of stakeholders, to self-serve intelligence, at twice the speed and a fraction of the cost incurred today. We also took a survey of intelligence professionals on how they handle the massive amount of sources available to them – and where they see room for improvement. You can read about the results here. Forrester Research included Market Logic in their report “New Tech: Market and Competitive Intelligence (M&CI) Solutions, Q1 2019,” naming us among new tech vendors in the late stage maturity category for market and competitive intelligence solutions. See our intelligence portal product page for more details.Register with SCIP Conference Orlando