June 5, 2019

MR Summit 2019: Coca-Cola presents S&I Connect

Lauren Raby, project leader for the S&I Connect platform at Coca Cola WEBU, and Mike Sawicz, Coca Cola’s global partner at Market Logic, will share an update on Coke’s highly successful market insights platform, S&I Connect. Together, they’ll showcase how constantly growing volumes of data can be tamed with S&I Connect’s cognitive search capabilities, which find answers to “what do we know about …?” questions from validated research and social media. Lauren will also share successful strategies to engage marketers with insights, and an AI outlook on the platform’s evolution of the platform to become an artificial co-worker for the insights and marketing teams. The 2019 Market Research Summit offers a unique mix of opportunities for client-side heads of customer insight and market research to join open discussions with peers on key challenges: putting ROI theory into practice, recruiting the right people, taking advantage of AI & machine learning technologies and the strategic impact of digital insights transformation.Register with MR Summit 2019