October 22, 2019

CRC 2019: How Coca-Cola put AI to work

The Corporate Researchers Conference (CRC) is an annual conference for corporate researchers, data analysts, and insights professionals to share and learn about novel tools and techniques being applied by the most innovative researchers and decision-makers. Market Logic was excited to attend the conference and share how AI can be leveraged to bridge the gap between data and action in order to run an insights-driven business. Market Logic was accompanied by speaker Stephanie Eaddy, Global Growth Director, Marketing Communications & Digital Strategy for Coca- Cola’s McDonalds Division (TMD). In her session, she explained how Market Logic helped Coca-Cola put AI to work with cognitive search capabilities that integrate answers to “What do we know about…?” questions from validated research and social media. She also covered learnings from The McDonald’s Division’s journey rolling out the software to their own stakeholders inside the Coca-Cola corporation.Register with Corporate Researchers Conference