June 27, 2018

MRMW APAC 2018: Abbott Laboratories meets disruption head-on with lightning speed to insight

Carlos Hernandez Jr, Head of Market Insights for Asia at Abbott Laboratories shared his thoughts on disruption and speed to insights and the ‘Insights Hub’ at MRMW APAC  June 27-28 in Singapore. 

Amid digital disruption across all industries, the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry faces even greater challenges. Yet despite this, Abbott is meeting disruption head-on by accelerating speed to insight from hours to a matter of seconds.

Their secret? The Abbott ‘Insights Hub’ – a marketing insights platform that delivers organizational efficiencies with faster, more effective insights mining and learning.

Like many global brands, Abbott faced the problem that knowledge and insights were isolated in regional and business silos. As a consequence, insights managers would spend up to 10 hours searching for answers to business questions, by reaching out to colleagues, waiting for responses and hunting inside multiple personal drives and portals.

To turn the situation around, Carlos Hernandez Jr., Head of Market Insights for Asia, championed the deployment of the Abbott ‘Insights Hub’ to support brand building in India and across Asia.

Today, knowledge is unified globally. The ‘Insights Hub’ facilitates fast access to insights within and across corporate marketing, nutrition, diabetes care and established pharmaceuticals.

Marketers and insights managers have conducted 6,000 searches in the last 12 months alone, representing potential savings of over 60,000 hours of time and effort searching content including 2,000 projects, 18,000 documents, 4,000 findings, 1,000 verbatims and over 500 innovation and communication concepts.

A user community of 85 insights professionals and 500 marketers turn to the ‘Insights Hub’ to:

Carlos and Elizabeth P. Morgan, co-founder of Market Logic Software, the company that powers the ‘Insights Hub,’ took to the stage to provide an in-depth case study providing background on why Carlos felt it necessary to deploy the insights platform, an overview of how Abbott marketers use the ‘Insights Hub’ to support their daily work, and finally the ROI generated from it.

A preview of the extension of the Hub with insights automation that builds on efficiencies by accelerating research management and approval processes was also showcased.