June 11, 2018

IIeX Atlanta 2018: Back to the Future on the Insights Journey at Colgate-Palmolive

At IIeX in Atlanta, Frank Santiago, Global Knowledge Manager, Colgate-Palmolive showcased a presentation on ‘Driving Insights Globally'(DIG) their marketing insights platform powered by Market Logic. The journey has just begun. Despite leading the field in insights management, Colgate-Palmolive was still investing 10,000 man-hours annually to find answers to business questions in their system. Frank Santiago, Global Knowledge Manager had seen it all and knew his team needed more: “accelerated speed to knowledge and new ideas, by delivering easy access to real-time data, information, and knowledge in an intuitive, integrated solution”. That’s why they deployed DIG, “Driving Insights Globally.” DIG is a next-generation search experience that democratizes insights, so any marketer can answer their business questions, anywhere. The platform has crushed speed to insight from hours to seconds, while also providing a forum for sharing, storytelling, and integration with the embedded research support system to keep the search experience fresh. In the presentation, Frank shared the latest developments for DIG, including global rollout of a successful cognitive AI initiative, and work in progress to integrate structured and unstructured data. Delegates learned how DIG helps Colgate-Palmolive put insights from all their past research at the fingertips of every insights manager and marketer. By mining past knowledge assets, they’re moving forward with quick delivery of sticky insights to drive winning business decisions.Register with IIEX