May 18, 2017

TMRE In Focus 2017: Colgate shares their case study

At TMRE In Focus, Frank Santiago, Global Knowledge Manager at Colgate Palmolive, will share his company’s journey from the early days of knowledge management to next-generation insights automation with their new insights platform, ‘Driving Insights Globally’ (DIG), powered by Market Logic. 

In the presentation, Frank traced progress from a storage room of paper files in the 1990s to an SAP-based project management system that was used through 2009. Their next step was to upgrade to an enterprise search engine, with research process support, which served the team well through to 2015.

But even then, Colgate clocked 10,000 man-hours annually, wasting time trying to find insights in their document search. The team needed more. They were seeking “accelerated speed to knowledge and new ideas, by delivering easy access to real-time data, information, and knowledge in an intuitive, integrated solution.”

To select their solution, Colgate conducted a proof of concept with Market Logic, testing the waters with 5,000 research documents. According to Frank, “90% of users agreed the new search function and database are better than status quo”.

As a consequence, the new ‘DIG’ platform rolled out this month with “a modern search experience, insights everywhere on mobile apps, greater sharing and storytelling for experts, and integration with the embedded research support system” to feed fresh research into the search experience.

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