January 1, 1970

Keurig hosts NYC roundtable webinar

The second meeting of our NYC Insights Executive Chapter took place this time online hosted by Keurig. Attendees included executives from the first roundtable at American Express headquarters (Aetna, Cardinal Health, Colgate, Comcast, MetLife, Prudential, PepsiCo, etc.) together with new faces from J&J, Staples and Verizon. The keynote speaker was Brenda Armstead, VP of Consumer Insights, Keurig, with an encore presentation about her learnings rolling out Market Logic insights platforms at J&J and Keurig Green Mountain.

Deploy for success from day one: Insight platform change management

Tizian Bonus, our Chief Customer Success Officer at Market Logic (and the face behind many of our successful insights platform deployments) together with Brenda Armstead compared experiences at J&J, where the platform replaced a legacy SharePoint system to support 30 categories with a backlog of 10,000 projects. She also shared the Keurig experience, where a greenfield deployment supports beverage and brewer categories with a backlog of 200 projects. In each instance, the change management process covered three phases:

Anticipate and proactively address internal hesitation

In response to questions about the headwinds she faced at Keurig, Brenda emphasized the need to pitch the business case for the initial investment to all stakeholders including procurement and IT. Brenda highlights the importance of “getting people beyond the initial outlay to see the benefits because the system really does sell itself over time.”

Three-dimensional business benefits

A lively conversation also ensued about metrics to understand adoption and utilization against targets. Here, Brenda spoke to three dimensions of business benefit: time to insight, activating the knowledge asset, and optimizing processes and spend. For example, the time to insight metric measures number of hours spent searching for insights in 10 hours where J&J benchmarked five hours per question. It is an impressive opportunity cost saving when tens of thousands of marketers self-serve answers to their business questions.