October 10, 2018

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ESOMAR Insights and the day after tomorrow

Market Logic Team

The last two weeks were big ones for Market Logic. At the 2018 ESOMAR Congress in Berlin, Coca Cola and Imperial Brands presented case studies on our software. At the Kulturbrauerei, also in Berlin, we launched our own next generation Market Insights Platform. It felt like all eyes were focused on the next wave of technology to revolutionize insights management, so executives can run a truly insights-driven business. The message came out from the get go, when ESOMAR president Niels Schillewaert shared key takeaways from the “Taking Research Forward” study by Planung & Analyse and InSites Consulting. In 2017, one hundred insights professionals said their priorities “today” were focused on making research more agile (61%) and automating KPI reporting (49%). This comes as no surprise for Market Logic – many clients use our platforms to automate research execution for greater agility, and to organize self-service subscriptions so stakeholders get their business and tracker numbers as soon as these are available. Looking to “tomorrow,” insights professionals mentioned data integration (31%) and empowering internal stakeholders to go DIY (35%). Again, these mid-term priorities reflect key tenets of our market insights platform. Firstly, the One Data Model integrates unstructured and structured data, for full situational analysis, so you can ask “what is happening” and get answers from numbers, and “why” it is happening, with answers from unstructured research reports and social media. Secondly, the ability to fully integrate DIY in automated research workflows is an important capability rolling out to clients in 2019. As to the “day after tomorrow,” professionals were most likely to raise AI (8%), where Market Logic is leveraging amazing technical breakthroughs to make life easier for insights managers. Big steps forward on the AI front in our insights platforms focus on super smart AI search capabilities, instant uploads and personalization. At our next generation platform launch, Mario Lenz unveiled a new AI search experience that delivers the best direct answer to a question and automatic summaries, replacing the need for manual findings extraction. We also demonstrated instant upload and auto-tagging of new research reports in seconds. With regard to personalization, our new platform combines updates from every source (new research results, reporting waves, syndicated research, newsfeeds, etc.) in one personalized feed, so AI can breeze through all the results and eliminate noise. Case studies from Coca-Cola and Imperial Brands addressed the underlying theme of the “Taking Research Forward” study – doing it together. Begonia Fafian from Coca-Cola and the Keen as Mustard agency presented “The Great Communication Experiment,” which may be the first research project to investigate how to share insights with business stakeholders who are not directly involved in insight projects but would benefit from the knowledge in their working lives. Of course, Coke’s S&I Connect insights platform was seen as a key resource to achieve this, using newsletters with catchy titles as the best vehicle to attract attention. For Jamie Rayner at Imperial Brands, doing insights “together” was all about democratizing insights, by sharing them across borders with the Knowledge Connect platform to boost organic sales growth.