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Demo Days with Insight Platforms – February 2023

Demo Days with Insight Platforms – February 2023

See how the latest innovations in Generative AI will drive more value from consumer insights.

Join Olaf Lenzmann, Chief Innovation & Product Officer, as he introduces new ways to search, analyze and distribute insights throughout organizations.

Key takeaways of the session:

  • Answering Business Questions with AI – will show how Generative AI creates conversational interfaces for knowledge management so that any team can find the insights and data they need – just by asking questions in natural language.
  • Market Logic’s software enables consumer-centric decisions with a powerful Insights Engine, a comprehensive Digital Insights Workspace, and an intuitive Business Assistant.
  • An Insights Engine connects all your consumer and market data and tools to leverage existing investments. A Digital Insights Workspace enables experts to search and research new insights, and to present these to the business in engaging ways. A Business Assistant then equips decision-makers to easily find insights into news, knowledge and reporting.