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How product managers can turn market insights overload into actionable intelligence

If you’re a product manager struggling to make quick, confident decisions in today’s product management landscape, you’re not alone. The sheer volume of information can be daunting.  

The manual effort required to classify, manage, and analyze all the information you need to inform good product decisions is overwhelming. Even if the information is well-organized and readily available, bringing the most important pieces together can be too time-consuming, depriving product managers of quickly seizing opportunities when they need to.  

Product managers need instant, reliable insights to:  

  • Quickly adjust product features in response to real-time customer feedback and emerging market trends 
  • Develop targeted marketing strategies that resonate with specific consumer segments 
  • Allocate resources effectively to the most promising product development projects 
  • Make informed pricing decisions based on competitor analysis and market demand 
  • Enhance overall product profitability through data-driven optimization of product life cycles 
  • Identify and capitalize on new market opportunities before competitors do 

When Market Logic Software developed the first AI assistant for trusted market insights, called DeepSightsTM, these needs were kept squarely in mind. Below, we explore how product managers can use DeepSightsTM  to turn data overload into actionable intelligence for winning product decisions.  

Top four ways product managers can use DeepSightsTM

DeepSightsTM is a game-changing AI assistant, tailored to overcome daily decision-making challenges product managers face. It streamlines data organization, accelerates insight retrieval, simplifies reporting, and ensures comprehensive and unbiased data usage. 

This transformative tool eliminates the need for product managers to sift through documents, reports, and articles. DeepSightsTM shifts product managers’ focus from knowledge management to strategic analysis, so they can better lead their products to greater market success. 

1. Make competitive product decisions faster 

Imagine you’re evaluating the market reception of a new product feature. Instead of wading through endless data and reports and trying to piece together a clear picture, you can ask DeepSights™ and get instant answers.  

Like a super-intelligent colleague, DeepSights™ understands your question, its context, and the intent behind your inquiry. If a product’s new feature isn’t landing as well as you’d hoped, a plain-language question and a click of a button can sum up the problem based on your trusted knowledge in minutes. In fact, one company saved 7.5 hours using DeepSights™ to ask 27 typical business questions when compared to other generic generative AI solutions on the market.  

Quick access to targeted information can help you make timely decisions and ensure products remain competitive and aligned with consumer preferences. And it mitigates the risk of AI hallucinations or human bias, as DeepSights™ draws only accurate and relevant information from your company’s reliable knowledge base.  

2. Plan smart product line extensions with 100% of your knowledge assets 

Without a comprehensive understanding of market needs and trends, a product line extension can fail to hit on customer expectations or demands, which can lead to poor sales performance. This means that it all starts with having a firm grasp of the consumer’s current needs. 

DeepSights™ can review massive amounts of information in minutes, much faster than any human. That means product managers won’t miss out on critical pieces of information because this purpose-built solution looks at 100% of your knowledge assets before answering your question.  

On top of your proprietary data, DeepSights™ widens the pool of information you can access by connecting your internal knowledge and research with trusted subscription data partners and public news feeds. Product performance, customer needs, historical data, and market trends are just a question away — so you can be confident you’re considering the entire spectrum of relevant data available to you. That means you can map out your product line extension based on comprehensive, near-real-time market insights without missing any opportunities. 

DeepSights™ even removes the need for insights teams to manually tag and classify content pulled into your DeepSights™ knowledge base. This way, instead of dreading the extra work and training that often comes with new technology, users can breathe easy and trust that DeepSightsTM is doing the heavy lifting, and offering instant value. That means less time spent on low-value tasks and more time spent moving the business forward. 

DeepSightsTM was designed to be a solution your teams want to use because it fits right into current work habits. This makes knowledge-management work and decision-making more enjoyable and efficient — and your teams more effective.

3. Generate comprehensive product performance reports on demand 

While basic data like sales figures or customer feedback is useful for day-to-day monitoring, sometimes you need a comprehensive product performance insights summary report on a moment’s notice — whether it’s for strategic planning, resource optimization, or communicating with your stakeholders. 

You can use DeepSights™ AI assistant to request a report on a product’s performance across different segments and receive a rich, detailed summary in minutes – cutting down hours of manual work. It’s estimated that DeepSights™’ new insights report feature can save 70% of insights reporting tasks.  

The efficient reporting feature not only saves hours product managers would usually spend on compiling data but also provides a more holistic view of the product’s market standing, enabling product managers to quickly identify areas of improvement and success

4. Enhance customer experience with key insights from customer feedback research 

For product managers, understanding and enhancing the customer experience is paramount. DeepSightsTM can play a crucial role in helping product managers understand their customers better by extracting and synthesizing key insights from your qualitative research reports that feature aggregated customer feedback.  

Qualitative research reports often provide context and researcher interpretations that raw data might lack, offering deeper insights. DeepSightsTM can analyze the knowledge in reports to identify key themes, sentiments, and patterns. It can extract and synthesize interpretations to provide a more nuanced understanding of customer attitudes and behaviors. 

Furthermore, you can ask DeepSightsTM to compare knowledge across different reports to spot and highlight what aspects of a product are consistently well-received or criticized. You can also ask DeepSightsTM to identify trends in customer feedback and sentiment by examining multiple research reports over time. This can help product managers like you understand how customer opinions and preferences are evolving, which is crucial for long-term product strategy and development.  

Maybe you would even like the AI assistant to identify what’s not being said and suggest further research or areas of opportunity that have not yet been fully explored.  

Not only does this game-changing AI save time, it also provides product managers with actionable insights that are directly aligned with customer needs and expectations. By leveraging DeepSights™, product managers can ensure their products continually evolve to meet and exceed customer expectations, ultimately driving increased satisfaction and loyalty. 

Can product managers trust AI-generated insights to inform their decisions? 

Market Logic Software’s recent AI innovation industry survey found that 73% of business leaders believe AI will help integrate insights into business units and processes. But there’s still an understandable concern and caution around the accuracy of AI outputs and the risk of basing decisions on biased or inaccurate data.  

On this point, DeepSights™ is specially created with the safety of enterprises front of mind. The purpose-built generative AI solution stands apart from other generic AI solutions in a number of key ways:  

  • It extracts reliable, verifiable insights from your company’s knowledge base. Operating with six unique layers of AI analysis, DeepSights™ extracts only the relevant, factual information from your knowledge base that addresses your specific question 
  • It provides fully synthesized answers and reports that clearly cite the knowledge sources your company trusts  
  • It eliminates the risk of hallucinations and is built to meet your company’s data and compliance standards  

Empowering product managers with AI-driven insights 

In the rapidly changing landscape of product management, the ability to quickly and confidently make informed decisions is more critical than ever.  

DeepSights™, with its advanced AI capabilities, emerges as a pivotal tool in transforming the overwhelming tide of information product managers face into a stream of actionable intelligence. Solid market insights can guide product managers toward innovative product features and offerings, inform the development of breakthrough products and services, and set the company apart from, and ahead of, competitors.  

If you’re grappling with the challenges of information overload, DeepSights™ offers a beacon of clarity, enabling you and your product team to harness the power of your company’s entire knowledge base efficiently and effectively. In a product market where speed, accuracy, and depth of understanding are paramount, DeepSights™ offers an invaluable edge, turning the challenge of information overload into an opportunity for innovation, growth, and competitive advantage.  

Ready to turn data overload into instant, reliable insights for winning product decisions? Take 15 minutes to see DeepSightsTM in action by getting in touch with us here.