October 25, 2023

Market Logic expands capabilities of DeepSights™, its AI assistant for market insights, enabling companies to release the full value of investments in research and data assets

DeepSights™ provides step-change in productivity for insights teams with new one-click summary reports.  

[Berlin, Germany, October 25, 2023] — Market Logic Software, has announced its market-leading AI assistant, DeepSights™, will now generate topic-specific insights reports with just one click.  This latest innovation allows business professionals to create reports addressing their specific market and intelligence questions on-demand.  

Whereas it would typically take upwards of two hours to assemble a summary insights report manually, DeepSights™ takes only minutes to create the same information, automatically synthesising all relevant data into a concise, user-friendly document.  Users preparing for a meeting at short notice can download PowerPoint slides ready to include in their presentation. Similarly, a Word version of the content can be downloaded and shared with colleagues.   

Insight teams looking to enrich summaries with high value expert commentary will benefit from being able to eliminate time spent on collating and consolidating information.  Feedback from insights leaders during extensive customer testing, predicts a huge productivity gain for insights teams. The new reports capabilities will allow those experts to accelerate straight through to 70% completion of report tasks, shifting the focus of expert resources onto higher value activity. 

“Market Logic aims to embed the use of market insights and intelligence into daily business operations.  DeepSights’ use of generative AI has the power to transform the impact of research and data investments by bringing a deeper market understanding directly into key go to market processes.   

“The launch of DeepSights™ made instant answers to market questions a reality for businesspeople in companies of all sizes.  With this second release of DeepSights™ we make it possible for business leaders to act on market opportunities faster by arming them in minutes with the comprehensive insights summaries they need to make smarter decisions. For insights managers this presents a huge leap in productivity allowing them to automate the heavy lifting in creating reports so they can focus on enriching summaries with additional interpretation, said Olaf Lenzmann, Market Logic’s Chief Innovation and Product Officer.

DeepSights™ has been specifically trained to understand the content of unstructured data about market and consumer insights without the need for setting up manual tagging of topics.  Through natural language interactions it can provide accurate full sentence answers or more comprehensive reports to questions exploring market research.  All content generated includes links to citations from verified sources making DeepSights™ the first choice for trusted knowledge support within a growing number of the world’s leading brands.  

Unlike many other AI tools, DeepSights™ gives expert users the tools to inject their own company and market-specific knowledge rules into the assistant.  In this way interactions with DeepSights™ will reflect the specific context and language that users are familiar with.    

With the new release, Market Logic has also made it possible for the DeepSights™ to extract insights from trusted news feeds as well as many secondary specialist data provider sources. 

DeepSights™ adds major quality and ROI benefits to the significant timesaving gains it delivers. Market Logic’s uniquely trained AI for insights technology, extracts only relevant information when checking knowledge assets and connected data sources.  Harnessing the scaling capabilities of AI,  DeepSights™ can check 100% of the available sources every time it generates a report.  As a result, business professionals can be sure valuable insights are not overlooked.  Equally, insights and intelligence leaders, can be confident their investment in research and data subscriptions is leveraged by business users at a radically higher level.  

Roll out of the new DeepSights™ capabilities will begin at the end of November.  Existing DeepSights™ customers will automatically be upgraded to the new release.