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How marketing and business professionals can use DeepSightsTM  for quick, smart decision-making 

In today’s data-driven business landscape, marketing professionals are regularly overwhelmed by sifting through and making sense of vast amounts of data and insights. But by automating day-to-day marketing data management, AI can enable marketing and business professionals to make smarter decisions, faster — thanks to the deployment of an AI assistant specifically developed for marketing professionals.  

DeepSights™ can transform the way marketing and business teams work by leveraging generative AI to extract and sum up key marketing and customer insights from huge amounts of knowledge within minutes. It can also produce insights summary reports with just one click.  

Let’s dive into how marketing professionals like you can use this specially built AI assistant to streamline and enhance your marketing decisions. 

Three ways marketing and business professionals can use DeepSightsTM  to streamline and enhance marketing decisions

Here are three strategies you can implement:

1. Adapt marketing strategies quickly to sudden shifts in consumer preferences 

Consumer preferences and behaviors change fast. Marketing managers who become aware of those sudden shifts before their competitors are best positioned to help their company reap the benefits.  

But first, they need to be able to see those market shifts in near real-time, to decide whether they’re worth acting on and how. Then, they must quickly present a compelling case to gain approval for campaign and brand changes.  

As a marketing professional, you can use DeepSightsTM to help streamline every time-sensitive step in your go-to-market campaign, from research through to campaign execution, for example: 

  • Use this powerful AI assistant to quickly sift through and analyze vast amounts of up-to-date market data such as consumer feedback or social media trends.  
  • Ask DeepSightsTM to look at historical and current market data to help you consider the long-term viability of new trends before altering your marketing strategy.  
  • Get a concise insights summary report on-demand so you can quickly brief your chain of command.  

Whatever the change in consumer behavior, you can use DeepSightsTM to stay on the pulse of shifting customer preferences — and make timely, well-informed decisions without missing a beat. 

2. Identify unique and compelling brand differentiators by uncovering hidden gems in your data 

In a competitive marketplace, standing out is key. But as a marketing professional, identifying truly unique and compelling differentiators for your products can become a creative hurdle, when faced with the entire operational process of setting up and executing an effective marketing campaign.  

For instance, with a tsunami of knowledge and data available to you, it’s difficult to quickly conduct market research that goes beyond the surface for a deep understanding of your target audiences. The market moves quickly — and disparate, disorganized knowledge and data sources can significantly slow you down. Meanwhile, you must also find unique differentiators that are consistent with your brand’s existing identity and values (and don’t cause confusion or dilute your message).  

DeepSightsTM’s ability to pull data on brand perception, competitor strategies, and market trends in an instant helps marketing professionals like you create a truly targeted and tailored campaign that speaks to the end target user.  

Given that the AI assistant has access to all of your internal and external knowledge sources, it can help teams uncover patterns, trends, and insights that might not be immediately apparent. This allows your marketing and business experts to identify relevant and sometimes overlooked insights, which can be crucial for differentiating a brand, prior to launching any campaigns.  

3. Ease the pressure of budget constraints and ROI accountability 

On the daily, marketing managers and their teams are under pressure to deliver high-impact campaigns and provide clear evidence of return on investment (ROI) for every marketing activity, despite often operating under tight budgets. DeepSightsTM can ease the burden of budget constraints and ROI accountability by significantly reducing the time it takes to perform data analysis, performance tracking, and reporting.  

So, how does this work in practice? DeepSightsTM integrates and processes information from 100% of your company’s knowledge assets, including secondary source subscriptions, and gives you reliable, cited answers to all your business questions.  

For example, you can ask DeepSightsTM to review and analyze all your most relevant reports from a variety of formats (such as PPT, PDF, Word)  to help you define the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for an upcoming marketing activity, and you’ll have answers in seconds. These quick, data-driven insights can help you allocate and justify your marketing budgets with clear evidence.  

When it’s time for you to report on the impact of your marketing activities, DeepSightsTM can create summary insights reports on-demand. This automated feature eliminates hours of operational work, spent manually collating and consolidating information you can easily share with your colleagues. This enables you to have more time to focus on developing efficient and effective marketing strategies and campaigns that optimize marketing spend, rather than getting stuck into the all-important campaign reporting. 

How does it work? 

Our recent AI innovation industry survey found that 73% of business leaders believe AI will help integrate insights into other businesses and processes. DeepSights™ stands apart from other AI insights solutions because it extracts reliable, verifiable insights from your company’s knowledge base in seconds.  

Unlike traditional keyword-based search tools, DeepSightsTM employs the latest AI technologies to understand the context and meaning behind your question. Operating with six unique layers of AI analysis, DeepSights™ reliably extracts only relevant, factual information from your knowledge base to address any specific questions you have. It provides fully synthesized answers and reports that clearly cite trusted company sources. DeepSightsTM also eliminates the risk of hallucinations and is built to meet your company’s data and compliance standards.   

Set-up is easy and no training required 

As a marketing and business professional, getting started with DeepSightsTM is easy because it automates content uploads and removes the need for you to manually tag and categorize content you pull into your knowledge base. You can connect DeepSightsTM to established knowledge bases, like Microsoft SharePoint and other systems, or drag-and-drop documents straight in DeepSightsTM.

You can also integrate real-time news feeds and trusted secondary sources, and use DeepSightsTM right inside of collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, and email tools. Your marketing and business teams won’t need user training – they can start asking DeepSightsTM questions in every-day language and get instant marketing insights. 

Interested in ditching the daily data struggle so you can focus on driving business impact? Take 15 minutes to see DeepSightsTM in action by getting in touch with us here.