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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, companies are in constant search of tools to help them stay ahead of the curve. While AI-driven language models like ChatGPT have proven to be valuable assets, DeepSights goes a step further in delivering relevant and contextually accurate insights.  

This article will explore how DeepSights differentiates itself from ChatGPT and how businesses can leverage its unique features for better decision-making. 

What is DeepSights? 

DeepSights, an AI-powered market insights assistant, transforms business decision-making by providing trusted, actionable data whenever you need it. Developed in collaboration with industry-leading partners and lead customers, DeepSights benefits from having been trained using real data, real questions, and expert input, ensuring the highest quality answers.  

Screenshot showing DeepSights answering a market insights question.

Seamlessly integrating with Microsoft Teams, DeepSights allows users to ask natural language questions as though messaging a colleague and receive accurate answers from their company’s trusted knowledge base. This innovative AI solution enables businesses to access reliable market insights effortlessly, allowing them to respond to market demands quickly and stay ahead of the competition. 

How DeepSights Operates 

Stage 1: Start with trusted data 

Unlike ChatGPT, which relies on knowledge from public internet sources, DeepSights tailors its approach to individual businesses. By relying solely on the company’s trusted reports and data, DeepSights ensures that all information used by the AI tool is proprietary and directly relevant to the company’s context, leading to more accurate and actionable insights. 

Stage 2: Extraction of Findings 

DeepSights extracts “findings” or relevant nuggets of information from ingested reports and documents. These findings represent essential pieces of knowledge that can be used to answer specific business questions, leading to insights directly applicable to the company’s needs. 

Stage 3: AI-Driven Semantic Search 

DeepSights employs AI-driven semantic search, which understands the meaning behind the questions asked. This approach enables the system to identify relevant findings that speak to the topics in the business questions at hand.  

Stage 4: Deep Evidence Analysis 

A key challenge when it comes to answering questions with market research is to get the context right – to use underlying data that speaks to exactly the market, target group, product form, that the question is about. 

To achieve this, DeepSights employs a dedicated, deep evidence analysis. The AI assesses the question and the evidence, determining whether a specific piece of evidence genuinely speaks to the context and is qualified to provide an answer to the question. This ensures that the retrieved findings are contextually accurate and reliable. Importantly, this avoids the risk of being presented with information that misunderstands the full purpose of the question or worse still mixes datapoints together to create ‘hallucinations’ a common problem that tests on ChatGPT have shown are often the case. 

Stage 5: Natural Language Generation 

After deep evidence analysis, DeepSights uses natural language generation technology, like GPT, to generate a clear, concise, and contextually accurate answer. This ensures that the final answers provided are both truthful and useful for addressing the business questions at hand. While ChatGPT is also capable of generating natural language responses, its answers may lack the level of contextual accuracy and relevance that DeepSights offers, as it is trained on publicly available data and may hallucinate plausible but incorrect responses. 

Screenshot showing how DeepSights can be integrated to MS Teams.


DeepSights offers a unique and powerful AI-driven solution for businesses seeking advanced market insights. By ingesting company-specific data, extracting relevant findings, utilizing semantic search, performing deep evidence analysis, and generating natural language answers, DeepSights surpasses ChatGPT in delivering actionable and contextually accurate insights.

By adopting DeepSights, businesses can enhance their decision-making by acting on reliable information fast to gain a competitive edge, and drive success in the ever-evolving market.