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Market Logic unveils DeepSights™ AI for consumer insights at launch in Berlin 

DeepSights™ launch event: key takeaways

If you missed our DeepSights launch event, here are some key takeaways from a fantastic session featuring Mike Stevens, CEO of Insight Platforms, Olaf Lenzmann, CIPO of Market Logic, and Simon Atkinson, CKO at Ipsos. Be sure to catch the on-demand recording of the event!

Re-scoping the role of insights for AI, with Mike Stevens, Founder & Director at Insights Platforms 

Imagine being able to query all of the insights data you have in your organization through a simple conversational interface … a very powerful way of oiling the wheels to get knowledge and insights into organizations. 

— Mike Stevens, Found & Director at Insights Platforms

Mike kicked off the event by talking about how exactly generative AI has the potential to impact three roles essential to insights-driven organizations: the insights manager, the researcher, and the marketing manager: 

  • AI applications can help insights managers write briefs and RFPs, inform brand plans, and map out competitor environments in a fraction of the time.
  • With generative AI tools, the researcher may be able to use synthetic data to conduct research, develop hypotheses, and test scenarios to refine research design before commissioning a study or talking to real respondents.
  • As generative AI advances, marketing managers may end up using it on the fly during co-creation workshops, for example, to generate concepts, copy descriptions, concept benefits and features, and even concept images. 

Mike talked about how instead of AI replacing insights roles, it will likely have a “force-multiplier effect.” AI will enable people to do hard things more easily, and liberate people to do more while enhancing the way they deliver their work. 

There’s an enormous amount of pent-demand for insights, data, and knowledge that isn’t reaching parts of organizations that need it. AI will be part of the solution to insights bottlenecks, like insights teams with too much on their plates or the high cost of gathering data. 

“AI puts more insights into the hands of more people, and I think we’re going to see organizations become much more insights driven.”

— Mike Stevens, Found & Director at Insights Platforms

Unveiling DeepSights™: AI gathered insights you can trust

Presentation by Olaf Lenzmann, Chief Innovation & Product Officer at Market Logic Software

Olaf kicked off his presentation by framing the problem insights teams face: they’re facing more business questions with fewer resources and capacity, leaving little time to investigate and focus on the big priorities for the future. That’s why Market Logic Software created DeepSights™, the conversational AI assistant that supercharges insights teams and produces answers the business can trust.

Olaf explained how DeepSights™ was trained to eliminate the problems of generative AI applications like ChatGPT that make them unusable for business applications. New generative AI applications can produce problems like hallucinations, confidently wrong answers, and untraceable sources. He showed how DeepSights™ is built to draw from an organization’s internal knowledge assets and it’s trained and tested to produce answers you can trust and verify. 

DeepSights™ is generative AI fine-tuned for insights organizations, informed not only by Market Logic’s extensive experience providing software solutions to the insights sector, but also thanks to partnerships with clients who have massive knowledge assets and expertise for training and testing the solution. For the first time, there’s a generative AI product organizations can trust to answer business questions.

Live product demo: DeepSights™

We really believe this has the ability to change the game for insights teams, because now they have a tool they can use very easily to interrogate their knowledge assets, speed up their work, and quickly know what they know, but also know what they don’t know.

— Olaf Lenzmann, Chief Innovation & Product Officer at Market Logic Software

Take “Michael”, a business marketing professional responsible for promoting plant-based food products in Germany, Olaf demonstrated live what it’s like to ask DeepSights™ questions and how it might look in a real-life workflow. 

Here’s the scenario: marketing professional Michael has a planning meeting coming up, where he’ll be looking at new store layouts and promotions for wheat plant-based foods. He’d like to brief his agency, so they know how much emphasis they should put on this. His first question: What are the growth rates of plant based foods in Germany? 

Within a few seconds, DeepSights™ came up with a comprehensive natural-language answer to Mike’s question, clearly attributing its answer to its sources. The answer summarizes specific data and statistics from several surveys in the knowledge base. It described how consumers are thinking about their plant-based food options, like plant-based milk, yogurt, poultry, and meat. DeepSights™ also provided a second answer, simply due to the fact that there may be different angles and facets to the answer, Olaf said. Be sure to watch the replay to see how DeepSights™ answers follow-up questions. 

When Michael and Olaf drilled down even further into the question, DeepSights™ continued to provide valuable information until it didn’t have the information to answer the question. This is significant because if the AI doesn’t have the data, it doesn’t make up answers like many available generative AI applications. Mike, as the hypothetical business marketing professional, now feels informed about what his organization knows, and what it doesn’t know, about the plant-based food market in Germany for his meeting. 

Olaf also shared how DeepSights™ can change the game and drive insights-driven culture in organizations: 

  • By putting a conversational AI based on your proprietary knowledge assets in the hands of business people, it frees up insights teams’ time and capacity to focus on strategy-aligned priority topics.
  • Because DeepSights™ integrates with communication tools like MS Teams, you can infuse plain-language, easily accessible insights to all the places and moments where people work today—without asking people to change their habits or learn a new program.

DeepSights™ is a powerful tool for changing the game of knowledge for not only insights professionals but also business users, so organizations can supercharge their ability to make insights-driven decisions.

How will generative AI change the Insights industry?

Panel discussion with Simon Atkinson, Chief Knowledge Officer at IPSOS & Mike Stevens, Founder & Director at Insights Platforms 

Whether you’re a research company or a client trying to drive insights in your organization, we’ve spent a lot of time in recent years worrying about how we can master all of the different data sources. And if the new AI tools coming on stream now can help us bypass all of those questions, I think that will help us.

— Simon Atkinson, Chief Knowledge Officer at IPSOS

Simon Atkinson, Chief Knowledge Officer at IPSOS, joined Olaf and Mike for a fascinating discussion about how people are thinking about AI. Simon said the American public are saying, first, AI is not boring, and second, it’s already famous. In fact, Simon said 55% of Americans say they’re familiar with AI, ahead of Metaverse, which is trailing behind at 39%.

While AI is causing excitement, and people see the potential benefits, they’re also worried about how it will affect their jobs, and the younger you are, the more worried you are, Simon said. One thing that unites people, Democrat or Republican, in the US is that they’re looking to the government to intervene if need be.