March 23, 2023

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New generative AI solution from Market Logic Software, DeepSights™, places trusted market insights at the fingertips of business decision-makers 24/7

New generative AI solution from Market Logic Software, DeepSights™, places trusted market insights at the fingertips of business decision-makers 24/7

World’s first AI trained to answer questions about market research and intelligence will transform impact of insights on business performance.

BERLIN, 23rd  March 2023 – Market Logic Software, the global leader for insights management solutions, is today announcing general availability of DeepSights™, the world’s first AI Assistant trained to answer business questions about market research and intelligence. The product is specifically designed to place trusted corporate market insights at the fingertips of decision-makers across the enterprise, whenever and wherever they are needed. 

DeepSights’ game-changing capabilities break through the barriers commonly holding companies back from acting fast and at scale on the highly valuable intelligence they hold.  Leveraging GPT, the OpenAI Large Language Model (LLM), DeepSights opens the door to interactive, insights-powered decision-making for businesses 24/7.  

Rather than generating search results in a list based on keywords, DeepSights provides business users with complete, natural language answers to their market and consumer intelligence questions. The AI assistant has been specifically trained to understand the context of questions exploring market research insights and provides full sentence answers that include links to citations from verified sources.

DeepSights can be embedded within standard applications such as Microsoft Teams allowing business leaders to access trusted insights in the flow of their daily work, fostering better decision-making as routine and leading to smarter actions. The primary business users accessing DeepSights will be those working in innovation, product management and marketing teams.

DeepSIghts, from Market Logic, answers questions about market research and intelligence with your company’s trusted insights, 24/7

Insights and intelligence professionals will also be able to increase their own productivity by leveraging DeepSights. It will allow them to increase the time spent creating insights significantly by drastically reducing the time spent manually responding to internal requests for information while at the same time speeding up their own analysis of source materials and identifying gaps in corporate knowledge faster.

Following co-development and beta testing with several Fortune 500 companies, DeepSights is now generally available for all customers using Market Logic’s award-winning insights management platform as well as businesses who want to add DeepSights to their existing knowledge management and intelligence tool set. Market Logic is offering a special starter pack, which will be available as a quarterly subscription from €1,000 per month. Full pricing details are available here.

Olaf Lenzmann, Chief Innovation & Product Officer at Market Logic Software, commented:

“Business leaders are recognising that their organisations could perform very differently if their people had access to trusted and relevant insights in the moment. For example, marketers planning campaigns will be able get answers in seconds about customers trends and preferences that help them pinpoint winning themes quickly.  Accessing these insights will simply involve asking DeepSights a question in the same way as they would speak with a colleague on an MS Teams chat. Suddenly, you have people making smarter decisions at scale, and having the confidence to move faster.”

Olaf Lenzmann, Chief Innovation & Product Officer at Market Logic Software
Ask DeepSights, from Market Logic, questions about market research and intelligence directly from MS Teams and get instant answers based on your company’s trusted insights.

Commenting on the change this technology will bring in industry analyst, Mike Stevens, founder of Insight Platforms says,

“Generative AI solutions like DeepSights will transform how organisations gather, manage and action customer insights. Already, Large Language Models are helping people design questionnaires, summarise interviews and create draft reports. Conversational knowledge search will be another important step in widening access to research.”

Mike Stevens, Founder of Insight Platforms

Market Logic is already unlocking the power of trusted insights for some of the world’s biggest consumer brands, including, Dyson, Unilever, Vodafone, Philips, Visa, and Astra Zeneca. Its platform allows companies to centralize all internal and external knowledge assets, conduct new research, and connect with business stakeholders through a single hub. 

Global spending on insights, research and analytics is $89.8billion according to ESOMAR with Fortune 500 companies budgeting millions on this strategically important activity. For this reason, ensuring market research drives competitive advantage and shows clear ROI is the top priority for Insights leaders.

Lenzmann concluded:

“DeepSights helps businesses to create an insights-driven culture by integrating trusted insights directly into daily workflows for business decision-makers. Consumer-facing organisations, in particular, are generating a wealth of potentially game-changing insight, but the challenge has always been how to share this information effectively across the business. Using AI, DeepSights solves that problem, allowing decision-makers to access trusted and contextualised insights in real-time.”

Olaf Lenzmann, Chief Innovation & Product Officer at Market Logic Software

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