Develop Insights

Insights development is where technology meets human intelligence. When combined the extraordinary happens: vast amounts of data are processed and seamlessly turned into contextual & actionable insights made from existing and newly researched knowledge.

Knowledge needs structure. It’s time to build yours

Professional Insights Management is aligned with business units and their goals. Therefore, Market Logic supports tailored insights taxonomies for every client, mapping the individual knowledge to the organizational structure. To make sure everything stays aligned new data is automatically sorted according to the categories defined. The result is a structured asset library, tailored to your business and its strategic goals.

Finding the needle in the haystack

When searching for specific information, 500-page documents will not help. Therefore Market Logic displays the most relevant information in any document first. Instead of browsing hundreds of pages, you can immediately read the most important content of your documents, without another click.

Cross-language Search

Finding insights should never be limited by language. This is why Market Logic automatically runs your search across assets in all available languages. For example, when you search in German, you retrieve both English and German results.

Too many reports? Organize them for bigger impact

Reports are crucial for steering your business in the right direction, but they often go unused. Employees may not understand their relevance or even know they exist.

This is why Market Logic centralizes all reporting in one place, enriched with instructive metadata and contextualized in a reporting house. Adding this context directly improves usage and comprehension. Reports are both searchable and subscribable. Insights & Analytics managers get a holistic view of KPIs that are measured within the enterprise and can derive insights from them.

Keep stakeholders in the know

Every industry has countless special interest news sources and portals. They provide valuable information amidst unnecessary noise. Market Logic integrates news providers relevant to your industry. It filters, sorts, and channels incoming content into topic feeds, which Insights & Analytics teams can choose to curate through review and enrichment with internal information. Stakeholders select topics of interest, plus they automatically receive curated expert feeds targeted to their profile on their home screen, mobile app, and in email newsletters. With Market Logic insights teams deliver quality content with just a few clicks.

Knowledge Zones:

a collaborative workspace for storytelling

Creating knowledge and insights requires developed research & editorial skills and data competence. And it requires space for collaboration.

This is why Market Logic developed Knowledge Zones, a central workspace for Insights & Analytics departments. With Knowledge Zones every topic of interest is clearly defined and positioned towards select audiences in the enterprise. Thanks to our innovative no-code page builder, templates, and building blocks, knowledge can be beautifully structured, designed, and easily optimized for readability – on the web and mobile. Feedback processes allow business users to engage, share their views and thus become a vital part of the insights development and engagement process.

Create new Research with Market Logic

Unlock the power of insights with our comprehensive research management tools

Running research with your agencies

Every research organization has its own concepts, procedures, and best practices. They derive from different needs and internal and external regulations, that need to be respected. Plus, Market Research is expensive. Research investments need to be managed well.
Therefore, Market Logic provides a research module with a configurable workflow and approval engine. Every step in the process can be tailored to the needs of the organization, reflecting ways of working and research practices. Supplier bidding and management, audit, and vendor rating empower insights teams to evaluate their research activities, report and optimize them.

And what about my agile research? You manage it in Market Logic

Sometimes data is needed very quickly to shed light on a blind spot. This is why Market Logic implements DIY research into the platform. You get a notification when the research is done and all data and results are transferred directly into the system. Manual data transfer? A thing of the past.

And my former tests? They are valuable, so we keep them on hand

Many Insights teams spend the majority of their research budget on testing: claims, concepts, packs, and ads. Standardized tests are repeated on new stimuli to verify if action standards are met, but little learning is gleaned from this rich data set. That is why Market Logic provides Test Libraries to capture results of all your tests in a structured format, along with stimulus and research context. You want to find out what ad was tested as best performing on purchase intent in a certain category, geography, or target group?
Market Logic provides the answer with a few clicks. Use your test assets to learn and be inspired.

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