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How Colgate transforms trends knowledge into actionable insights at scale

How Colgate transforms trends knowledge into actionable insights at scale

As the pandemic catapults the world of ecommerce ahead in record time, there’s no shortage of trends data for decision makers to make sense of. But the truth is, decision makers aren’t comfortable making sense of it. Instead, they seek the guidance of experts, and they’re thirsty for domain experts to make better sense of the trends so they can make fast, quality decisions.

But when large, global organizations field massive amounts of trends data, how do they make sure decision makers use trends knowledge confidently and effectively in their day-to-day decisions? Colgate-Palmolive’s Frank Santiago explained at our recent webinar how their insights team transforms key trends into actionable insights using their insights platform.

An insights platform that makes trends actionable

To turn trends into useful, useable insights, Colgate-Palmolive utilize their platform “DIG” (Driving Insights Globally). Powered by Market Logic, DIG is more than just a knowledge management platform.

DIG’s one-stop-shop insights ecosystem brings insights to the entire business for smarter decision making at scale.

Multiple syndicated sources like Insider Intelligence are integrated right into the platform, so trends knowledge is at the fingertips of every business user. No more jumping around and logging in to different sources.

But DIG goes further than that. The platform also integrates industry news feeds (e.g., eMarketer), tools and systems (like DIY platform Toluna), research vendors, file types, and data types. It’s a single source of truth for Colgate-Palmolive, with a single sign-on system. Business users can simply log in once and they gain access to everything they need.

In fact, DIG is home to a $300 million knowledge asset. Employees can access +57,000, documents, +1400 BASIS concept tests, +600 Ipsos Ad tests, +690 PRS InVivo tests, +280 Brand health KPIs, and +150 MMM analyses.

DIG also delivers the latest ecommerce news and trends directly to decision makers on both desktop and mobile. AI-sponsored content pushes personalized landing pages to decision makers from different business lines and regions, keeping the information relevant to different roles and responsibilities.

DIG connects the dots between trends knowledge and diverse internal and external research

“What I really, really like is it’s very easy to search and sift through information and take snippets from internal and external sources, like Insider Intelligence, internal research, libraries we’ve built, and even some of the newsfeeds as well,” said Frank Santiago, Global Knowledge Management Manager at Colgate-Palmolive.

You may think a $300 million knowledge asset would lead to information overload, but Colgate-Palmolive’s domain experts easily curate and share engaging stories to make sense of trends so decision makers don’t have to, unless they want to.

And they can if they want to. DIG’s five key technological solutions give insights, marketing, and sales teams a way to self-serve knowledge for smarter, faster decision making.

In fact, the platform saves Colgate-Palmolive’s insights function at least 10% in efficiency savings because expediated desk research, vendor roster management, storytelling with knowledge zones, and automated knowledge checks prevent duplicate projects and save teams loads of time.

Colgate-Palmolive’s DIG puts trends knowledge at the fingertips of decision makers, so the business can make insights-driven decisions at scale. For more ecommerce trends and insights strategies from Colgate-Palmolive, check out the webinar “The future of ecommerce: trends and strategies to drive transformation.”