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Market Logic is designed to overcome the “insights-to-action disconnect”, bridging the gap between departments and facilitating an insights-driven culture. Our platform helps you connect business users with insights to support their decisions.

Publish your content to the right people at the right time

Many times the knowledge & insights transfer is distorted because it is delivered at an inopportune time to the wrong audience. Carefully created content gets lost in email inboxes and remains unnoticed.
Market Logic allows insights teams to deliver research, KPI Dashboards, Knowledge Zones, and curated Newsfeeds directly to select audiences’ home screens. The business users can engage with the priority content and all your teams are seamlessly on the same page.

Streamline information requests with Desk Research

Information requests from business users are an essential but time-consuming task for Insights & Analytics teams. That is why, in addition to providing self-service search for business users, Market Logic equips Insights & Analytics teams with an efficient Desk Research capability to quickly respond to incoming questions by leveraging existing knowledge assets.

Talk to experts with just a few clicks

Often, connecting with expert peers is the best way to find the right insights. This is why Market Logic automatically identifies subject matter experts in your organization.

Because of its internal network capabilities, Market Logic works like a social network of experts: It facilitates connections throughout the enterprise and makes the organization smarter. Units grow together and information flows faster when team members communicate.

Engagement without boundaries: the Teams Connector

Microsoft Teams evolved from a simple chat tool to a widely used collaboration space bringing together people, conversations, and content. With Market Logic’s Teams Connector all insights are made available within any Teams conversation or meeting. One can search for insights directly from Teams and share knowledge assets from within Market Logic. It is even possible to send content from Teams to Market Logic for auto-upload.

Engage with insights on the go

Professionals average 21.5 hours in meetings a week, over half of the standard 40-hour workweek. This directly contributes to your team’s “insights disconnect”: these days, people simply don’t have the time to engage with market knowledge.

This is why Market Logic offers Mobile Apps for iOS and Android giving people the flexibility to search for and consume all platform content on the go. Decision makers use the app to review and process approval requests for research activities. Field researchers contribute with the Field Intelligence capability, allowing them to collect observations and upload media from wherever they are.

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Engage with business users to overcome the insights-to-action disconnect

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