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Market Logic is designed to overcome the “insights-to-action disconnect”, bridging the gap between departments and facilitating an insights-driven culture. Our platform helps you connect business users with insights to support their decisions.

Equip your business to self-serve

Enable business stakeholders to self-serve their standard requests, freeing up your team’s time to create value-adding insights.

Target & engage with your audience

Understand and serve the information needs of your business users through automatic targeting and interactive connections.

Feature spotlight: meet the teams connector

Put insights at the decision-makers’ table and power self-service access to insights at scale.

Microsoft Teams has evolved from a simple chat tool to a widely used collaboration space. Integrating Teams with Market Logic enables you to meet stakeholders where they are, injecting insights directly into decision-making conversations.

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Knowledge capture

Integrate all relevant company, paid and public data into a one-stop repository

Insights development

Create contextual & actionable insights from existing and newly researched knowledge

Business engagement

Engage with business users to overcome the insights-to-action disconnect

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