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How to use DeepSightsTM for digital transformation

As a digital transformation leader – be it Head of Innovation, Head of Strategy, or Head of Digital Transformation – you can pave the way for your enterprise to become a world-class insights-driven organization. Championing your internal innovation ecosystem to unlock the power of insights gives you a game-changing advantage in a very competitive landscape

You can enable this shift in your organization by building capabilities that help promote smart ideas at the speed of the market, fostering collaboration, and leveraging collective knowledge to improve business outcomes. In that vein, DeepSightsTM may be the perfect addition to your digital innovation portfolio. 

DeepSights™ is the first AI assistant designed to scale trusted customer and market insights across enterprises by leveraging generative AI technology. It provides instant answers to business questions based on your organization’s knowledge sources and generates concise, one-click insights reports on demand. 

But as a digital transformation leader, you know that rewiring a business is more challenging than picking up a single tool. Let’s dive into how you can leverage DeepSights™ to support, and even accelerate, your digital transformation initiative to run a truly insights-driven business in a market that demands quick, smart decision-making.

Top three ways to use DeepSights™ for digital transformation initiatives

In today’s world, any digital transformation is usually driven by AI. And while technology is the engine that drives digital transformation in your organization, effective knowledge management and insights-led decisions are the fuel that powers its continuous, agile evolution — an evolution that’s key to staying ahead of your competition. 

Here are three ways you can use DeepSights™ to leverage generative AI technology for super-fast knowledge management and insights-driven decision-making.

1. Instantly connect and maximize all your organization’s knowledge investments

One of the biggest challenges you’ll face as a digital transformation leader is enabling knowledge-sharing across your organization. Information silos, geographic dispersion, and ineffective knowledge management systems can raise barriers to innovation strategies everywhere you look. 

Yet, knowledge sharing is critical to maximizing the value of your organization’s knowledge investments and ultimately driving better business decisions at scale. 

AI is quickly becoming an integral solution to this challenge. A recent survey found that 73% of business leaders believe AI will better integrate insights across business processes. DeepSightsTM AI assistant has been developed to do just that.

DeepSightsTM instantly connects to your existing knowledge stores, like Microsoft SharePoint and other systems, as well as secondary data subscription and trusted news feeds. That means when your workforce asks DeepSightsTM a question, the answer comes directly from a review of 100% of your organization’s knowledge assets in seconds. 

Imagine the transformation of everyday workflows and strategic decision-making across the business when business and marketing teams have rapid AI access to often hidden, underused data — all they have to do is ask natural-language questions to get the trustworthy answers and reports they need in an instant.

2. Overcome change management and cultural resistance challenges 

Implementing digital transformation initiatives can require significant changes in business processes and work culture. Often, digital transformation leaders must manage resistance to change from employees who are accustomed to traditional ways of working. 

But the beauty of adding DeepSightsTM to your next-gen digital insights strategy is that your insights teams and business stakeholders can start using it immediately and, when they do, it’s like they’re talking to a colleague. It fits right into their daily workflow and routines. 

The solution seamlessly integrates into your organization’s daily business tools, like Microsoft Teams and Google Chat, making it easy for teams to use it alongside their daily tasks. And an insights report is just a tap away — no training required. 

DeepSights™ even removes the need for insights teams to manually tag and classify content pulled into your DeepSights™ knowledge base. This way, instead of dreading the extra work and training that often comes with new technology, users can breathe easy and trust that DeepSightsTM is doing the heavy lifting, and offering instant value. That means less time spent on low-value tasks and more time spent moving the business forward. 

DeepSightsTM was designed to be a solution your teams want to use because it fits right into current work habits. This makes knowledge-management work and decision-making more enjoyable and efficient — and your teams more effective.

3. Eliminate time-consuming search for fast, accurate decision-making

It’s no secret that most organizations waste a lot of time searching for information. But as customer and market data grows exponentially, it’s not enough to simply put all the information together in one place — this alone is a recipe for information overload. 

Quickly analyzing and summarizing information and extracting insights relevant to specific business questions — that’s what’s needed to enable fast, informed decision-making at scale. 

Generative AI can do that much faster than humans, and it can do it well, especially when it’s designed specifically for the task. DeepSightsTM saved Philips 7.5 hours when answering 27 business questions, and the answers were more accurate and trustworthy than other generative AI solutions, like ChatGPT and BingAI.

That’s because DeepSightsTM is designed to draw from an organization’s trusted knowledge sources. It goes through six layers of analysis to produce fully synthesized answers and reports to each business question, clearly citing knowledge your company trusts while eliminating the risk of AI hallucinations and human bias. 

Organizations that don’t leverage AI to help their people quickly make sense of market knowledge risk falling behind the organizations that do. That’s why it’s imperative for digital transformation leaders to implement tools like DeepSightsTM into their digital transformation portfolio.

Transform your business and lead digital transformation with DeepSightsTM

With key insights integrated seamlessly into your daily workflows, DeepSightsTM helps your organization as a whole become more intelligent and avoid disruptions.

DeepSightsTM aligns perfectly with the digital transformation goals of innovative businesses. It supports a data-driven culture with a robust, scalable, and secure AI-powered platform

A session with this generative AI solution can drastically reduce the time your insights teams and business stakeholders need to find and share information. With DeepSightsTM, your workforce can quickly and easily leverage insights in daily operations to understand customer needs and behaviors better and guide strategies that improve customer experience and satisfaction. 

Want to know more about how DeepSightsTM can accelerate digital transformation and help you realize your next-gen insights strategies? Get in touch today.