September 20, 2023

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Key takeaways from our Market Insights Bootcamp Series

Market Logic Team

What to expect when you watch the Market Insights Bootcamp Series, now available on demand

In these four short 30-minute webinar sessions, your Market Logic hosts — Tanja Kratz de Suarez, Product Marketing Manager, and Sabrina Buschmann, Customer Onboarding Expert — walk through concrete steps you can take to bring your insights to the next level. Each episode explores a unique use case that insights and intelligence professionals are familiar with. Here are some of the key takeaways from the Market Insights Bootcamp Series to help you become an insights-driven organization.

Episode 1: Tell powerful stories

If you’re struggling to make your market insights stick in an era where decision-makers are relying on gut feeling rather than data-driven insights, Episode 1 is for you. 

In this episode, your hosts deep-dive into the power of storytelling, emphasizing how a compelling narrative can turn information-overload into actionable wisdom. 

Sabrina demonstrates easy yet powerful consumer insights tools to infuse market insights into daily decision-making across your organization. Use them so your stakeholders can remember and apply your consumer insights to make more impactful decisions. 

  1. Craft compelling narratives with Knowledge Zones: Create visually compelling, magazine-like knowledge zones that not only present data but reveal the “why” behind the numbers, increasing your insights’ stickiness.
  1. Enrich your market insights with multimedia: Easily and quickly use different templates to bring in your stories to life — no coding required. Mash up different media, videos, images, and interactive visualizations from your favorite analytics tools and internal knowledge base. Easily target specific business units, so you can delight your marketing and business peers with consumer insights they won’t want to miss.
  1. Elevate your role: Leverage storytelling tools your experts and suppliers can collaborate on, and evolve from a research function to business advisors with wider organizational support and recognition.

Make your market insights unforgettable — stream Episode 1 on demand to learn how.

Episode 2: Deliver market insights faster

This episode is all about meeting stakeholders where they are. You’ll learn how a one-hub insights solution connects you seamlessly with your organization’s knowledge assets and your stakeholders.

Your hosts demonstrate how these tools empower you to push fast-paced market updates and key consumer insights instantly, so that decision makers don’t miss a beat. 

This episode teaches you how to:

  1. Craft purposeful newsletters and define target audiences to give business units and teams precisely what they need, when they need, for impactful decisions on the daily. 
  2. Curate newsfeeds and expert channels your stakeholders can self-serve to personalize their homepages with actionable information they care about.
  3. Maximize prime homepage real estate by featuring must-see insights your stakeholders will see every time they log in. 
  4. Cluster content into meaningful topics, making it more digestible and actionable for your business peers.
  5. Promote search results on specific topics your stakeholders are searching for — and quickly guide decision-makers to information that inspires action and impacts the overall business strategy.

In just 30 minutes, Episode Two goes beyond the ‘what’ and delves into the ‘how’ of efficiently reaching your stakeholders with high-impact, relevant intelligence at scale. Watch Episode 2 now.

Episode 3: Streamline, save time!

Tight budgets, small teams, poor supplier management, and the constant pressure for quick turnarounds — those are some of the most pressing challenges insights managers face today.

Episode three is a solution-packed session that tackles these research management challenges. It looks at how to supercharge your research management cycles with Market Logic’s automated research management tools. 

In this episode, learn to:

  1. Save time and costs, maximize research ROI with automated research workflows, including research requests and knowledge checks to prevent duplicate research and leverage existing knowledge assets. 
  1. Green light pre-approved vendor rosters and automate research approval processes — a codified approach with easy-to-follow templates and clear responsibilities helps increase the speed of conducting consumer insights research and makes for happier insights managers who can trust everyone is following defined workflows. 
  1. Collaborate with your research agencies in one, secure place — from the bidding process to commissioning, executing, and ensuring the final results are available in your knowledge base. Leverage tools to help you gain visibility into supplier spending and performance, leading you to better manage your supplier relationships and procurement negotiations.

Interested in phasing out ad-hoc research processes for a culture of best practices embedded in everyday research workflows? Stream Episode 3 now.

Episode 4: How to enforce compliance

Organizations cannot compromise on compliance. This episode reveals how automated workflows and a configurable approval engine can reduce inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and non-compliance risks. If you’re an insights professional in a highly regulated sector like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and financial services, Episode Four is particularly relevant to you. 

In Episode Four of this series, you’ll see how Market Logic’s research management toolbox enables your insights teams to operate like a well-oiled machine —- enabling agile market research management with 100% compliance.

Key takeaways? 

  1. Agile research and rigid compliance can coexist: A unified system allows you to seamlessly document and track all project deliverables and information. This way, you can satisfy any internal and external reporting needs — and ensure your consumer research is compliant with regulatory requirements.
  1. Set up a flexible governance system with an approval engine — it not only ensures 100% compliance but also speeds up project delivery.
  1. Easily bring your legal, safety, and ethics teams into the fold: As gatekeepers or approvers, they get real-time access to critical information right within the tool, streamlining decision-making and collaboration. Transparency is no longer a challenge; it’s a given.
  1. Create a single source of truth for audits: A unified digital solution can replace your piecemeal systems and provide a clear audit trail so you know you’ve covered all the bases.
  1. Increase team efficiency with automated regulatory reports: Set up automated reports that are sent to the right stakeholders in a cadence you decide on.

This episode is a treasure trove of practical research management solutions for 100% regulatory compliance. Don’t miss it. Stream Episode 4 on-demand today. 

Elevate your market insights management with our Market Insights Bootcamp series

What if we told you that this bootcamp is just scratching the surface? What lies beneath each 30-minute tutorial-style episode is a goldmine of transformative approaches and concrete solutions, tailored to address the challenges of insights and intelligence professionals. 

From weaving compelling narratives that make your market insights unforgettable and actionable, to achieving 100% compliance in a highly-regulated sector, this series is bursting with hard-won expertise and tools you won’t want to miss. Stream the full Market Insights Bootcamp Series now on-demand.

If you’ve seen it in action and are ready to take the next step in becoming an insights-driven organization, contact us to book a free consultation with a member of our team.