Market Insights Bootcamp Series

Are you an insights and intelligence professional? Now’s your chance to learn first-hand how Market Logic can bring your market insights to life in our four-part webinar series.

We will cover best practices to elevate your consumer insights and market research. We will show you how to tackle some of your most pressing daily challenges, from engaging with business stakeholders to streamlining your research management.
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Empowering Insights & Intelligence Professionals

Our Market Insights Bootcamp Series includes hands-on platform demos, enterprise use cases, and FAQs, ensuring that you get a comprehensive understanding of how to run an impactful insights organization.

In just four 30-minute episodes, you will discover how to engage and inspire your business to put actionable insights to use. You’ll also learn how to automate research workflows that make your day-to-day life easier, at 100% compliance.

Episode 1 – Tell powerful stories

Now available on-demand

Engage the business with actionable insights using storytelling

Say goodbye to information overload and biased cherry-picking! With our cutting-edge insights storytelling tools tailored to insights experts, you can effortlessly curate insights-driven stories. Benefit from stunning magazine-like editorial pages with no-code layouts, making your insights instantly memorable.

Stream this episode to learn: 

  • Create compelling insights narratives using Knowledge Zones  
  • Enrich your story and make it memorable by embedding different media 
  • Collaborate with experts and suppliers to deliver actionable insights    

Episode 2 – Deliver insights faster

Now available on-demand

Cut through the noise and deliver faced-paced market and competitive intelligence at scale

Empowering decision-makers in a rapidly changing business landscape is key to staying ahead of the competition. See first-hand how delivering highly personalized insights and time-sensitive market news can save time for both intelligence experts and business stakeholders.   

Stream to learn:  

  • Create news dashboards on key topics to self-serve the business 
  • Deliver targeted newsletters that cut through the noise  
  • Promote key insights and intelligence, so your stakeholders never miss a beat

Episode 3 – Streamline, save time!

Now available on-demand

Save time streamlining and automating your market research workflows 

Do more, with less, faster! Insights professionals are under a lot of pressure to service the business and unfold new, fresh insights. Learn how our research management capabilities can support you in automating your workflows and standardizing best practices while making better use of existing research.  

Stream this episode to learn:  

  • Optimize workflows building on templated best practices and pre-approved vendor rosters 
  • Prevent duplication using knowledge checks of existing insights  
  • Integrate new results and insights into your knowledge base, to share with the wider business 

Episode 4 – How to enforce compliance

Now available on-demand

Enforce and monitor compliance in automated market research workflows

High regulatory demands and extreme scrutiny of market research are the reality for many industries such as Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals. Learn to leverage Market Logic’s research capabilities to run end-to-end research. Avoid duplicative efforts and standardize best practices, with foolproof compliance.

Stream this episode to learn: 

  • Run approval engine to support achieving 100% compliance
  • Improve your insights and procurement team’s efficiency by gathering quantitative and qualitative feedback on outside vendor performance
  • Provide visibility on business-wide research activities with automated regulatory reports 

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We’re distributing targeted research to our stakeholders – insights they feel are relevant and can save them time. Having one single source of truth helps pull the puzzle pieces together.”

Colleagues gain a different level of trust by receiving information from our experts. It gives our users confidence that they can work with these insights.”  

The Insights Hub is the connective tissue for insights across our business, delivering fast access across corporate marketing and three business lines: nutrition, diabetes care and established pharmaceuticals.”

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