November 16, 2023

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How to use DeepSights™– An insights professional’s guide  

Market Logic Team

In today’s data-driven business landscape, insights teams are regularly battling resource constraints and facing relentless pressure to deliver actionable insights to the business at lightning speed. The pressure on insights and intelligence managers like yourself is relentless.  

But by automating day-to-day insights management, AI enables everyone to do more with less, faster. There are increasingly more tools on the market that can transform the way you work, ensuring you are able to extract insights more easily and quickly – to release the full value of your investments in research and data assets.  

One such tool that is making this process more efficient is DeepSights™ – a specially designed generative AI for insights Assistant. In this article, we’ll show you how to turn DeepSights™ into your personal AI assistant for market insights. Let’s dive in. 

What is DeepSights™ and how does it help insights managers? 

DeepSights™ is the first AI assistant designed for insights professionals, marketing managers, and product management experts. It was specially designed to empower businesses of all sizes with game-changing market and consumer insights, consistently and efficiently.  

Today, DeepSights™ also leverages generative AI technology to provide instant answers to your business questions and generate concise, one-click insights reports on-demand. Read our press release to find out more about this latest iteration.

Four key use cases of DeepSights™ for insights and intelligence managers 

We found the top four insights use cases you can explore. Here is how you can use DeepSights™ to empower your insights team: 

1. Extract relevant and trustworthy knowledge instantly

You can use DeepSights™ to extract the most pertinent data and information to answer business questions, eliminating the need to sift through countless documents, reports, and articles. This feature enables you to get the information you need faster – as seen by Philips’ case study of DeepSights™ VS ChatGPT and other generative AI tools. Plus, you don’t need extensive training, as you can ask questions in natural language straight from your standard collaboration tools including Microsoft Teams (as seen in the image below) and Google Chat.  

Moreover, DeepSights™ is a reliable source of knowledge support, as it draws only accurate and relevant information from trusted sources. By extracting reliable, verifiable insights from your company’s knowledge base, it eliminates the risk of AI hallucinations or human bias.

2. Share knowledge with the business quickly and effectively 

Whereas manually assembling reports can take two to three hours, DeepSights™ automatically assembles and synthesizes information that answers specific questions into concise reports within minutes.  

Next, instantly share reports with business stakeholders in a clear, user-friendly document. When preparing for a last-minute meeting, for instance, you can download PowerPoint slides for presentations or Word documents for easy sharing – and thus, accelerate smarter, decision-making across your team. Boosted by AI, DeepSights™ allows you to create summary reports on-demand – releasing hours of your day, so you can focus on high-value analysis instead.  

3. Maximize your organization’s knowledge investment 

Every time it answers questions and generates reports, DeepSights™ scales effortlessly to check 100% of knowledge assets for relevant insights. This means you’re not missing any important data – and can maximize ROI from your full knowledge investment. 

4. Ensure efficient knowledge-management   

Having instant, real-time access to insights makes it easier to integrate insights into where people work and collaborate. In fact, our recent AI innovation industry survey found that 73% of business leaders believe AI will help integrate insights into other businesses and processes.  

With DeepSights™, you can streamline the process of incorporating data, saving time and effort. By enabling automated content uploads, for instance, DeepSights™ removes the need for manual tagging and classification of content pulled into your knowledge base – so you can spend less time on workflows and processes, and more time on strategy. The insights platform also keeps your data safe, by operating within your security guidelines and using IT and AI policies and frameworks. 

DeepSights™ for Insights Managers: Key user advantages to know 

DeepSights™ is specially trained to understand the meaning and context of insights information. It operates with six unique layers of AI analysis, reliably extracting only the relevant, factual information from your knowledge base.  

Here are the major benefits of integrating DeepSights™ into your workflow, from a technical standpoint: 

  1. Trusted content and data: DeepSights™ understands the market and consumer insights knowledge in your company’s data. It widens the pool of knowledge you can access by connecting your trusted subscription data partners and public news feeds.  
  1. Findings extraction: DeepSights™ extracts “findings” or relevant nuggets of information from the assets and sources it can access. These findings represent essential pieces of knowledge that can be used to answer business questions. 
  1. Semantic search: DeepSights™ employs AI-driven semantic search, which understands the context and meaning behind the questions asked. This approach enables the system to identify relevant findings that best address the business questions at hand. 
  1. Deep evidence analysis: To ensure that the retrieved findings are contextually accurate, DeepSights™ performs a deep evidence analysis. The AI assesses the question and the evidence, determining whether a specific piece of evidence genuinely speaks to the context and is qualified to provide an answer to the question. 
  1. Contextual answer generation: After deep evidence analysis, DeepSights™ uses natural language generation technology to generate a clear, and contextually accurate answer. 
  1. Report generation: DeepSights™ automatically augments requests for reports with multiple related questions. These additional queries are used to assemble a comprehensive body of relevant information, which is then synthesized into a concise summary report. Full citations and links to original sources are embedded in the report and available for fact-checking. 

Turn DeepSights™ into your AI Assistant 

Now you are aware of the potential of DeepSights™ for your insights team, and how you can leverage the AI for insights assistant tool to match your needs. In a business landscape characterized by data overload, DeepSights™ empowers you to act swiftly on market opportunities, make smarter decisions, and maximize your knowledge investment.  As Olaf Lenzmann, Market Logic’s Chief Innovation and Product Officer, shares:

“Market Logic aims to embed the use of market insights and intelligence into daily business operations. DeepSights’ use of generative AI has the power to transform the impact of research and data investments by bringing a deeper market understanding directly into key go-to-market processes.”  

Olaf Lenzmann

Get started today! Bring trusted insights into daily work effortlessly with DeepSights™ – and transform the way you access and share insights, and how knowledge flows through the business.