Market Logic for marketing professionals

Market Logic is customer centricity in action: we provide processes to capture consumer knowledge, convert it into insights and deliver them to product and marketing teams. The result is a winning marketing department understanding consumers’ needs.

The core of marketing?

Understanding consumers’ needs

Successful marketing organizations have one thing in common: they orientate their actions with a strong focus on markets, consumers, and their needs. To develop customer centricity, three core problems must be solved:

  • Knowledge capture: relevant data, information & knowledge must be captured, organized, and made accessible for research, insights & analytics units.
  • Insights development: data and Information must be turned into actionable consumer and market knowledge, known as insights.
  • Business engagement: marketing & product units must be strongly interconnected with Research, Insights & Analytics teams to profit and effectively use the generated knowledge.

Use AI to extract insights easily

  • The first AI assistant for trusted market insights
  • Extract insights from your knowledge base in an instant
  • Create insights reports on-demand

The Market Logic difference

Market Logic offers the most advanced insights management process on the market. Due to the systematic development of data, information & knowledge, business units get the information they need to develop branding and communication that resonates with the audiences.

Market Logic’s impact on marketing teams

Hear from our clients

With Market Logic collaboration between departments has improved significantly.”

I find the essence of a study in no time. Thanks to our insights platform.”

Now our Business teams have all the facts in front of them before they make a decision.”


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