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Greenbook Tech Showcase 2023

Answering Business Questions with AI: Greenbook Tech Showcase 2023

Artificial Intelligence for Consumer Insights

In January 2023, we joined our partners at Greenbook to preview our new Generative-AI solution for Consumer insights.

In this tech showcase, you’ll hear from our Chief Innovation & Product Officer Olaf Lenzmann on the both the challenges and opportunities to deploying Generative-AI in the market research and consumer insights field.

In particular, this presentation outlines how a conversational AI engine will improve impact that insights have throughout the enterprise. This technology allows all users to answer business questions with more ease and speed than ever before, putting valuable insights in the spotlight and enabling businesses to put customers at the center of their decision making processes.

From potential use cases to customer perspectives, this event is a great primer to understand just how big a game-changer Artificial Insights for Consumer Insights (AICI) will be.

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