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AMSRS: Telstra’s InsightsHut

AMSRS: Telstra’s InsightsHut

Telstra is leading the pack and leveraging the power of AI to push insights all the way up the value chain with their new market insights platform, the InsightsHut. The Hut makes the most of all their valuable research to ensure high return on insights.

The InsightsHut brings all Telstra’s NPS trackers, external custom research and RSS newsfeeds together so insights managers can easily answer business questions, while business stakeholders can instantly self-service the insights they need. When users ask questions like: “what do we know about 5G?”, the AI-powered InsightsHut reads through every search result, extracts findings and presents these in one report – there’s no need to open and read a single document.

In the InsightsHut experts can curate and push relevant information (news items, new research reports, observations), with commentary, to target stakeholder groups using their own real-time expert channels.

In this case study, Violet will outline Telstra’s business needs for the InsightsHut. Elizabeth will then show how AI-powered technology deeply integrates key consumer data sources within a personalized and intuitive user experience. Finally, Alex will share practical user success stories and the change management plan for the first year of deployment.Register with ASMRS Conference