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Market Logic is your go-to place for consumer insights, helping you run efficient research projects that are 100% compliant from start to finish.

25%cost savings on research project budgets
100%regulatory compliant, so you sleep better
6xfaster average project completion
60%reduced time spent finding existing insights

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Why Market Logic?

We have 10+ years experience working with today’s largest and most innovative healthcare companies. Long story short–we know your industry as well as you do.

We’ve put time and attention into building the most comprehensive insights platform for your needs. From pharmacovigilance compliance to internal auditing and reporting, we have built a system that handles every step of the research process in one intuitive, accessible place.

Platform features

Our end-to-end insights management platform is the preferred solution for leading healthcare and pharmaceutical enterprises.


Download Now: Transforming Insights into business value in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical industry.

By downloading this white paper, you can learn how to bridge the insights gap and ease the burden on stakeholders for Health & Pharma insights professionals.

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Watch Now: Emerging insights in healthcare & pharmaceutical industries

Watch this webinar for an exclusive look at Forrester’s 10 bold calls for success in the guture of healthcare. Don’t miss out on emerging healthcare & pharma trends shaping the future of healthcare research and insights!

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Thought leadership

Watch now: life sciences roundtable

Want to learn more about how trends in insights management are shaping the ways in which healthcare enterprises innovate? Listen to our latest “Life sciences roundtable” with our clients Abbott, Bayer, Bristol Myers Squibb and Johnson & Johnson.

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What our clients say

We’re distributing targeted research to our stakeholders – insights they feel are relevant and can save them time. Having one single source of truth helps pull the puzzle pieces together.”

Colleagues gain a different level of trust by receiving information from our experts. It gives our users confidence that they can work with these insights.”  

The Insights Hub is the connective tissue for insights across our business, delivering fast access across corporate marketing and three business lines: nutrition, diabetes care and established pharmaceuticals.”

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We have a suite solutions for knowledge management, answering business questions, and aligning and inspiring your business

Knowledge capture

Integrate all relevant company, paid and public data into a one-stop repository

Insights development

Create contextual & actionable insights from existing and newly researched knowledge

Business engagement

Engage with business users to satisfy the information needs for the decisions

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