January 12, 2021

2 mins

Colgate Palmolive and Market Logic win 2021 BIG Innovation Award

Colgate Palmolive and Market Logic win 2021 BIG Innovation Award

Colgate Palmolive and Market Logic are joint winners at the 2021 BIG Innovation Awards, presented by the Business Intelligence Group. Their award recognizes the global deployment of Colgate-Palmolive’s market insights platform, which is powered by Market Logic, and promoted as the DIG (Driving Insights Globally) initiative.

DIG is a one-stop-shop for over 120 Colgate-Palmolive insights associates who commission and execute thousands of new research projects annually. Everything is at their fingertips in an automated, step-by-step workflow – no more phone or email tag, or misunderstandings about project scope.

In the background, AI algorithms check new project briefs against a $300 million knowledge asset to prevent duplication of past research and ensure that teams to focus on discovering new insights.

“Demand for insights about every aspect of people’s lives and behavior continues to grow. We simply can’t afford to waste time and money duplicating our efforts to meet these needs,” says Richard Thorogood, VP Global Head of Insights at Colgate Palmolive.

“The global DIG platform delivers the efficiencies we need to get the job done at the speed of business, with the agility to adapt and respond to market volatility. This allows us to shift our insights budget from tactical work to experimentation and foundational research that deepens our understanding of people and the world they live in.

As soon as new research projects are completed, the DIG platform automatically delivers the results to Colgate-Palmolive commercial managers and marketers all around the world, using targeted delivery channels. To encourage and reward engagement, DIG delivers exclusive home pages to over 1,000 stakeholders with targeted insights to suit their business lines and regions, and AI recommendations based on the content they open, like and share.

According to Taylor Gordy, VP and GM Northern Europe, easy access to relevant insights boosts thought-provoking customer engagement. “Our commercial managers need insights at their fingertips for value-driven conversations with our customers. I love that DIG puts $300 million dollars of knowledge in every account executive’s pocket to tap whenever they choose.”

Market Logic CEO Stefan Ropers was delighted to share news of the win with the Colgate Palmolive team. “I am particularly impressed with the swift and substantial business impact the DIG platform has delivered, as a result of a close collaboration between Market Logic and Colgate’s Knowledge Management Pioneer, Frank Santiago.

His tireless efforts have ensured that the DIG deployment is now empowering thousands of commercial managers and marketers across the Colgate Palmolive organization to serve customers better every day,” says Stefan.

“Our society relies on innovation to make our lives productive, healthy, and comfortable”, said Maria Jimenez, COO of the Business Intelligence Group. “The DIG market insights platform is a shining example of innovative ways technology can improve business outcomes by driving decisions with consumer insights. We are thrilled to honor Colgate-Palmolive and Market Logic in their collaboration to lead this charge”.

Organizations from across the globe submitted their recent innovations for consideration in the BIG Innovation Awards. Nominations were then judged by a select group of business leaders and executives who volunteer their time and expertise to score submissions.