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Building Toblerone’s brand book with insights

Building Toblerone’s brand book with insights

At IIeX 2020 in Amsterdam, Market Logic client partner Mondelez shared their exciting journey to true consumer centricity. Gabriela Gaut, European Director Insights & Analytics for Chocolate at Mondelez, shared a secret: most of her team members are market research people, and they love consumer centricity.

They love it so much that they always want to go out and talk to consumers directly. But since launching their market insights platform, iQuest, they’ve realized that everyone in the organization has much more consumer research at their fingertips than they originally thought.

Gabriela highlighted one particular of iQuest: the discovery of new insights. Using insights gleaned from available research, teams no longer need to commission new research to establish hypotheses. Research on one topic is no longer in isolation; it can easily inform other areas as well.

Take Toblerone, for example. One of Mondelēz’s best-known chocolate brands, it is sold globally at world travel and local retailers. The I&A team undertook an in-depth exploration of what they already knew as part of the brand’s growth strategy.

They didn’t expect to find many insights because they hadn’t fielded many Toblerone-focused studies in the past years, so they anticipated needing to commission new research to synthesize all shopper, brand and regional organizational knowledge.

They first turned to iQuest. To their surprise, they found a plethora of insights on Toblerone from other focused research like equity tracking studies, packaging eye-tracking studies, shelf tests and concept tests.

What’s more, they were able to access primary and secondary research about Toblerone from across the globe, from Switzerland to the Philippines, the US and Germany – all within minutes.

The knowledge in iQuest was sufficient to build an entire brand book for the mountain-shaped chocolate bar, creating a universally applicable single source of truth for the brand – without commissioning a single study!

iQuest has helped Mondelēz shift the focus to building knowledge, rather than starting from scratch. Now, users around the globe can simply search “Toblerone” in iQuest and see all available knowledge, instantly.