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Market Logic was named “Best Data Solution” at the Market Research Society (MRS) Operations Awards for their market insights platform at Tesco. MRS is the UK’s most prestigious professional body for research, insight and analytics. The Best Data Solution category recognizes solutions that respond to the complexity of the research sector, with key criteria including innovation, speed, process elegance, and demonstrable business impact.

A market insights platform for retailers

The award was given for the Market Logic powered insight platform at the supermarket retailer Tesco, “Insight Out.” Insight Out brings all research and data onto one platform, so any business manager can ask a question and get answers from the multi-million-pound knowledge estate comprising thousands of research projects, industry reports, and periodic trackers.

“The platform removes the need for manually hunting for answers to business questions and instead brings together all of the internal knowledge in one place. Insight Out is an impressive and innovative research tool. Congratulations Market Logic!”MRS Judges

The business case for a market insights platform is hard to ignore. With shopping behaviours changing, channels multiplying and customer expectations rising, retailers need access to relevant insights, fast. Insight Out democratizes insights across Tesco, so managers have the data they need to anticipate the rapidly changing retail landscape. When insights managers “know what they know,” existing knowledge can be used to deliver the fastest speed to insight – preventing research duplication for more efficient use of up to 15% of research spend.

A reason to celebrate

Naomi Kasolowsky, Group Insight Director at Tesco, and Nick Sharp, Chief Revenue Officer (EMEA) at Market Logic, accepted the award at the “MRS Oppies” in London.

Speaking for Tesco, Naomi said she was delighted with the MRS award and the business impact of Insight Out, which “embeds insights across our global and complex business and dramatically reduces the colleague time needed to get quick insights that answer their questions.”

Nick Sharp recalled the business case from the nomination application: Insight Out eliminates the hours Tesco used to waste manually hunting for answers to business questions in all their data and research. The platform frees up their time to pro-actively advise the business, so they can help their merchants make winning decisions.

Nick was particularly impressed by how well the joint success teams worked together. “The joint project team, led by Emma Howard at Tesco and Shirin Imanbaeva at Market Logic, implemented an inspiring activation campaign that made sure insights on the Insight Out platform are at the fingertips of thousands of merchants and marketers across the Tesco organization every day.”

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