May 4, 2022

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Top 7 business benefits of market intelligence

Market Logic Team

How market intelligence can transform your business

Market intelligence can be wide ranging; it includes all the data your organization collects about the markets you operate in (or you want to operate in). The data can cover customer demographics, trends, regulations, competitors, or geographic areas, etc. And from that data, your organization derives meaningful insights to help you determine and refine market segments, market penetration, and market opportunities.

Because market intelligence covers competitive intelligence, product intelligence, and industry intelligence, it grants a holistic view of the market. In turn, enabling you to see the bigger picture, connect the dots, uncover insights, and make better data-driven business decisions.  

7 benefits of market intelligence in business

1. Secure a bird’s-eye view of the market

A good market intelligence strategy gives your business a bird’s-eye view of the market on an ongoing basis. And when you have a bird’s-eye view of the market, your business can remain agile in volatile markets, quickly pivoting when needed.

2. Gain a competitive advantage

Competitor intelligence is a type of market intelligence that helps you see how your business measures up against your competition. When you integrate competitor intelligence with your other market intelligence, you can keep an eye on your competitor, improve your offerings and positioning, and penetrate and capture more of your target market.

3. Anticipate what lies ahead

With market intelligence at your fingertips, your insights and marketing teams can monitor, anticipate, and act on market opportunities before, or at least in time with, upcoming market shifts and impacts. For example, the REWE Group quickly synthesized and reported on patterns and trends in the instant delivery market using their robust market insights platform. Based on that market intelligence, executives made a sound decision to enter a new market at exactly the right time.

4. Invest in the right projects

When your organization leads with its market intelligence, the business can avoid losses and invest in the right projects. The key is to keep all your market intelligence in one place so you can capture the full picture of the market, your customers, and your competitors. That way, the business “knows what it knows” and can quickly validate and invest in new programs, products, and services while avoiding time- and resource-waste.

5. Understand your target customer

If your organization wants to increase customer satisfaction, improve customer retention, and meet market demands, market intelligence is your main ingredient. With a solid, contextualized understanding of your target audience and customer, your business teams can use their deep understanding to make customer-centric decisions.

6. Launch products and services with iron-clad strategy

From idea to prototype to launch, successful and prosperous new products and services have market intelligence behind them. In each stage, you know the consumer’s problem and the product is developed with market-driven features. You know where your target customer shops and what media your target customer uses. And when it comes to launch, market insights help you achieve your revenue forecast, grow incremental sales, increase profitability, and optimize your marketing dollars.

7. Drive operational efficiency

What’s another great benefit of market intelligence? If you optimize your market intelligence strategy in your organization, you’re guaranteed to see time and money savings. Not only will you start to see savings in the time your employees spend searching for information, but you’ll also know where the gaps in your information are, saving you money and resources stemming from when your organization commissions redundant market research.  

Optimize your market intelligence strategy with end-to-end insights software

The secret to successful enterprises is powerful insights management. Insights management software helps you connect the dots between all your market intelligence assets, so you can easily communicate impactful insights to relevant stakeholders, driving winning business decisions across your organization.

Start by exploring insights engagement software that empowers your insights and analytics teams to capture knowledge, develop insights, and engage your business units for insights-driven decisions.

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