January 24, 2019

Read time: 2min

Can artificial intelligence help insights teams?

Market Logic Team

Most of our readers—over 80%—believe artificial intelligence can help insights teams, based on the results of our last survey. Why? In the words of one respondent: “AI takes all the passive and reactive work off your desk so you can focus on being a proactive business advisor.” Here are some great examples of how an AI-powered next-generation market insights platform can help insights teams.

1. Get instant answers to business questions

AI understands the intent behind each question to answer it in the best way: for example, if a user asks about specific product drivers, the system knows not to return every result containing the word “driver,” but to synthesize a list of relevant drivers from all research.

2. Automatic uploading and extraction

When a researcher uploads a new project, AI reads through and tags it with all relevant information, while also extracting findings and creating a summary. It’s a win-win: researchers don’t have to manually tag their projects, and users looking for information don’t need to read through entire documents.

3. Knowledge Checks

As a new research project brief is filled out, AI knowledge checks look through existing research for answers to any of the business questions. These checks prevent duplication of research, maximizing efficiency.

So why the naysayers?

Comments from respondents who thought AI wouldn’t help insights teams spoke of danger. The potential for AI to do harm has been a frequent topic over the past few years, debated by industry titans. But the thrust of these debates has focused on “uncontrolled” AI that’s built to learn in an unrestricted way. At Market Logic, we integrate supervised algorithmic capabilities with supervised pattern recognition capabilities so our platform can assist researchers and marketers: our software is built specifically for insights management, and while it learns from user behaviour, that’s only in the context of jobs to be done. In short, the next generation Market Insights Platform, not Skynet. As Martin said in his last article, “Boring, repetitive tasks are creativity-killers.” AI has the potential to make our lives easier by automating those tasks, giving us more time to focus on better things—and in the case of insights teams specifically, letting them guide their business with knowledge instead of spending their days entering and searching for data.