The future of Ecommerce: Trends and strategies to drive transformation

With expedited growth as a result of the pandemic, ecommerce continues to thrive in every category—from groceries and personal care, social commerce and D2C. In this webinar, you’ll hear the latest trends on the future of ecommerce from Insider Intelligence, looking at retail transformation, digital shopping, ecommerce categories & top retailers and social commerce. Insider Intelligence’s rigorous methodology and insights on consumer habits will enable any marketers, insights professionals or ecommerce executives to plan for what’s next.

Following this, Colgate-Palmolive’s Global Knowledge Management Manager, Frank Santiago, will share how they ensure trends knowledge is used effectively, by engaging the business and driving transformation with insights-driven decision making at scale. In partnership with Market Logic, ColPal’s insights platform “DIG” has unified all knowledge from every source and built an insights ecosystem that connects business stakeholders, external suppliers, and knowledge experts. Relevant insights from syndicated sources like Insider Intelligence or past research are quickly accessible, while business stakeholders are enabled to make insights-driven decisions through storytelling and self-service access.

Key takeaways: