Putting generative AI for insights to the test: A Philips case study

Webinar: A Philips case study

Presented at IIEX.AI September 2023.

Insights leaders from Philips and Market Logic software share their first-hand account of what generative AI for insights looks like when deployed within an enterprise insights team.  

In 2023, Market Logic Software launched DeepSights™, the world’s first generative AI solution for consumer insights and market research. Philips, a longtime partner of Market Logic, was one of the first organizations to start using DeepSights™ for market research and consumer insights.  

In this presentation, we’ll walk you through the steps that Philips took to measure and analyze the success of this solution. This includes a side-by-side comparison of how DeepSights™ performed in answering business questions when compared to other generative AI tools (e.g. ChatGPT, Bing) and Philips’s existing knowledge management systems.  

This case study specifically looks at variables including hit rate, time efficiency, and answer quality and trustworthiness. The results provide invaluable quantitative context to understand the impact and ROI that generative AI tools can have for consumer insights, market research teams, and the larger business.