Esomar Home Series – Making WFH at Mars a little easier

Learn how Knowledge Management leader Brienne Coates and the Mars team guide their business with fast answers to business questions. In times of turmoil, facts minimize fear. That’s why it’s more important than ever for insights teams to listen and learn, so they can present facts to their remote stakeholders in an inspiring way. Mars’ AI-powered Synapse platform helps their insights managers overcome these challenges to proactively advise the business. About Esomar Home Series: From addressing the elephant in the room (oh hello COVID-19) and hearing from different brands on how it’s impacting business strategy, ways of working and decision making; to getting up close and personal with data privacy experts; to presentations on topics like AI, change leadership and cannabis; and finally, a client-side led panel, we’ve got all this and more.  Register with ESOMAR Home Series