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Your guide to becoming an AI insights-driven organization – Part 2

Your guide to becoming an AI insights-driven organization – Part 2

In today’s consumer landscape, your organization’s success lies in its agility to swiftly respond to unexpected developments and market fluctuations — all while maintaining a proactive stance against competitors. Discover the strategies to achieve this, fueled by the revolutionary capabilities of AI and generative AI, strategically deployed to leverage dependable market intelligence.

How does this guide help you?

Following part 1 of this guide, we’ll now dive into the best practices for becoming an insights-driven organization. In part 2, we’ll look at how the tech is evolving to support you and share what a high-level entire enterprise architecture (AE) for trusted market insights looks like. 

What is included?

Download part 2 of our guide to learn:

  • Systems architecture and processes of the AI insights-powered enterprise
  • The business impact of implementing AI to manage insights 
  • How will the tech shape the new AI-insights-driven future? 
  • What does the new AI-insights-powered system look like?

This guide helps you make concrete steps towards effectively embedding AI in market insights, supported by cutting-edge technology. It is split into three parts — and you can sign up for one individual guide or all of them. Here is what we’ll cover:

Part 1 

  1. Introduction – Exploring AI: the turbocharger for solid insights-driven decisions   
  2. AI for Insights vision – Transforming into an insights-driven enterprise  

Part 2 (out in February 2024)

  1. Systems architecture and processes – The business impact of implementing AI
  2. The tech– Where does it start and where does it end?

Part 3 (out in March 2024)

  1. People and AI skills – AI skills and human collaboration: How the roles are changing
  2. Build a winning AI insights strategy – What next? Get the experts’ actionable next steps.