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Your guide to becoming an AI insights-driven organization –
Part 1 

To succeed in today’s dynamic consumer landscape, your organization must be able to react faster to unforeseen events and market shifts — continuously innovating ahead of the competition. Learn how to do just that — powered by the transformative potential of AI and generative AI, applied to trusted market insights. 

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How does this guide help you?

When applied to insights research and management, AI can transform businesses’ ability to be more responsive to market changes. It enables them to take earlier swifter action according to consumer preferences. With AI-powered knowledge management solutions at their fingertips, companies become smarter — acting successfully, based on using AI to scale a deeper understanding of market and consumer insights onto their employees.  

In part 1 of this guide, we’ll explore what this AI for insights shift means for organizations — from challenges to opportunities.

What is included?

  • Exploring AI: the turbocharger for solid insights-driven decisions   
  • The AI for Insights Vision: Transform into an insights-driven enterprise  
  • The People, processes, and tech – how will they change?
  • The key benefits of adopting a 360 AI-powered insights model  

Our guide helps you make concrete steps towards effectively embedding AI in market insights, supported by cutting-edge technology. It is split into three parts — and you can sign up for one individual guide or all of them. Here is what we’ll cover:

Part 1 

  1. Introduction – Exploring AI: the turbocharger for solid insights-driven decisions   
  2. AI for Insights vision – Transforming into an insights-driven enterprise  

Part 2

  1. Systems architecture and processes – The business impact of implementing AI
  2. The tech– Where does it start and where does it end?

Part 3 (out in March 2024)

  1. People and AI skills – AI skills and human collaboration: How the roles are changing
  2. Build a winning AI insights strategy – What next? Get the experts’ actionable next steps.